ADIA is the peak business organisation representing manufacturers and suppliers of dental products. Our vision is for an industry that empowers oral health professionals to advance the health and wellbeing of all Australians...................... — ADIA Strategic Plan

2018 ADIA Annual Review

As this year's annual review published by the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) sets out, this has been a year of considerable achievement. From the conduct of exhibitions through to policy advocacy and providing the programs that up-skill the profession, ADIA has delivered meaningful outcomes for our members across all areas of activity. Each decision was considered, and made, in the context of a clear strategy set out in the 2010-15 ADIA Strategic Plan that was shared across the organisation.

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2018 Australian Dental Industry Annual Review [PDF]

Building collaborative partnerships with allied industry associations plus stakeholders in the dental and oral health community continued to be a major focus throughout 2018. This year the number of meetings with politicians, business leaders, and those representing dentists and allied oral healthcare professionals reached a record high. Engagement on social media has also helped ADIA advance the interests of members and the ADIA page on Facebook this year surpassed one hundred and forty thousand supporters, creating one of the largest online communities for any type of business organisation nation-wide.

As the 2018 ADIA Annual Review notes, the Association is larger and more financially secure than at any time in its history. This outcome is thanks to the work of employees of ADIA member businesses that contribute to our work by serving on the ADIA Board, national committees and participating in state branch activities. ..
.........................................................................................— Phil Jolly, ADIA Previous Past National President

Throughout the course of the past year the ADIA Board, members and staff have built upon the successes of the past to deliver some significant outcomes for member businesses. From legislative reform, new market statistics, enhanced support for exporters to new research on the market for dental products, the outcomes have been good and built upon a strong financial basis and the advice we have received from members.
.........................................................................................— Troy Williams, Former ADIA Chief Executive Officer

ADIA has faced many challenges this year as it has sought to create an environment in which member businesses can grow, create jobs and operate sustainably. These haven’t set ADIA back, but have been used as an opportunity to benefit ADIA and the broader dental industry. This is no accident, but thanks to the leadership of a dedicated Board that has received quality advice and guidance from the ADIA National Committees and ADIA State Branch Presidents. The dental industry is well served by these leaders and ADIA's leadership offers our thanks as the achievements set out in this report are theirs.

ADIA provides leadership, strategy, advocacy and support. Throughout 2018, our members set our agenda, funded our activities and directly benefited from the results.

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