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Code of Practice — An introduction

The ethical promotion of dental products is central to the trust-based framework within which dentists and oral healthcare professionals advise and treat patients. The dental industry necessarily works closely with dental professionals to develop evidence-based approaches to particular treatments; in the development of educational materials on the correct use of products; and to support hands-on learning in the correct use of certain products.

As the peak business organisation representing suppliers of products and services to dental professionals, the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) recognises the value of the relationship and the fundamental trust in that relationship. In this regard, ADIA also recognises that the relationship can be undermined when the independence of decision-making by dental professionals may be seen to be compromised by inappropriate promotion which is not in the best interests of patients or consumers, and which can add to the cost of healthcare. To deal with these concerns, in November 2014 the ADIA membership approved a new Code of Practice that has the primary objective of ensuring that decisions on management (including treatment options) for dental and oral health needs are based on sound clinical evidence, not driven by incentives or other influences. For further information on the code please review the sections below:

Key documents —

This section includes the current copy of the ADIA Code of Practice and guidance on the same plus additional resources on matters associated with advertising and advertising related complaints and where to access to the codes of other industry associations. [Read More]

Underpinning principles —

This section outlines the foundations and underpinning principles that were incorporated into the development of the ADIA Code of Practice, which broadly guide interaction between industry and healthcare professionals. [Read More]

Information for industry —

A preliminary overview of the ADIA Code of Practice, the activities it covers and the businesses that are covered by the new framework. Information on the transitional provisions that apply from 1 July 2015 are included. [Read More]

Information for professionals —

This provides information for dentists and allied oral healthcare professionals as to how the ADIA Code of Practice is likely to change their historical interactions with the businesses that supply products and services to dental professionals. [Read More]

Making a complaint —

This section provides information for parties who believe a business has acted in violation of the ADIA Code of Practice as to how a formal complaint can be made. [Read More]

The new ADIA Code of Practice aligns closely with those of the eight other industry associations in the therapeutic products sector, with each code sharing a common set of high-level principles common to each industry association’s code. These principles provide that the Australian therapeutic products industry promotes the concept of good health incorporating the quality use of therapeutic products based on genuine consumer health needs and supported by the ethical conduct of all parties.

At the heart of the Code is that the dental industry should not undertake promotional activities which may encourage a dental professional to do other than select patient treatment options wisely; choosing suitable treatment options only when it is considered necessary and use dental products safely and effectively. As a general rule, if a promotional activity encourages a healthcare professional to purchase a particular type or brand of product that promotional activity is inconsistent with the principles set out in the ADIA Code of Practice.

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