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Code of Practice — Underpinning principles

In reviewing your business' obligations under the ADIA Code of Practice, or if considering whether to make a complaint alleging that a businesses has breached the provisions within the Code, it is important to appreciate the underpinning principles.

For both ADIA member businesses and the individuals serving on the ADIA-CCC Code Complaints Committee tasked with adjudicating complaints, it important at all times that they have regard for the Code’s underpinning principle.

Definitive principles underpinning code —

The ADIA Code of Practice sets the principles that regulates the interaction of ADIA member businesses with healthcare professionals, these principles are:

Members must at all times comply with the provisions of all relevant legislation;
Members must not engage in unethical behaviour, misleading or deceptive conduct, or unfair or unconscionable business practices; and
Members must always respect the ethical requirements and code of practice which apply to healthcare professionals.

The ADIA Code of Practice also promotes the concept of good health incorporating the quality use of therapeutic products which is based upon genuine consumer health needs and supported by the ethical conduct of all parties. This means that an advertisement and / or promotional activities must not encourage a professional than to do other than:

Select diagnostic and treatment options wisely based on the best available evidence and the consumers’ needs;
Choose suitable therapeutic products if this is considered necessary; and
Use therapeutic products safely and effectively.

If promotional activity encourages a healthcare professional to purchase a particular type or brand of product (that is used to diagnose or treat a patient) that promotional activity is inconsistent with the principles set out in the ADIA Code of Practice.

Although the ADIA Code of Practice contains considerable guidance on the interaction with healthcare professionals (Section 5) and consumers (Section 6) which addresses matters such as gifts, competitions in addition to the provision of hospitality and entertainment, this is guidance only and not a prescriptive list of what is and what is not permissible. This is clearly articulated in the relevant clauses that state the information is "guidance" on the interactions that members and member representatives have with healthcare professionals (Refer Clause 5.1).

In the event that a complaint is received, the ADIA-CCC Code Complaints Committee need only satisfy itself that the principles in Clause 2.2 have been breached, and not if a specific technical guidance note in Clause 5 or 6 has been breached.

Member Engagement —

ADIA provides leadership, strategy, advocacy and support. Our members set our agenda, fund our activities and directly benefit from the results. The ADIA Code of Practice was endorsed by members at an annual general meeting held in 2014 and members serving on the ADIA-CAC Code Administration Committee periodically review issues associated with its implementation.

Further Information —

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