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OFFER STARTS 1/4/24 ENDS 30/4/24

Order 5 MAS for OSA, get at least 50% off your next order.

At Aer Healthcare you can take at least 50% off MAS. All you have to do is order your Aer Dorsal MAS via our online shop. When you order 5 MAS in one calendar month, you will receive a discount voucher to use with our already discounted online price. You receive at least 50% off your next order. This offer applies to all splints sold by Aer Healthcare. The value of the discount is $275.00. This offer can be used on the Aer Dorsal MAS only. This offer excludes MAS parts and reprints and splint items available in the store.

To participate in this offer.

1. please go to

2. type the password: dentist

Offer Service: Physical Product

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