ADX Online: A guide for exhibitors

How to engage with your customers in real time

ADX Online provides the opportunity to live chat and live video call with visitors in real time. Many booths have set up this facility via Zoom or MS Teams.

You do not need to log in to the ADX Online platform to support your ADX Online customers. You just need to log into the Zoom or MS Teams account that you used to set up your ADX Online booth.

How to make the most of live chat / calls

We strongly recommend monitoring your Zoom / MS Teams account 9am - 5pm AEDT Monday - Friday. Some people find it easier to have this on a second screen alongside their usual work.

Recent feedback from other shows and monitoring dental professionals' interaction with the ADX website indicates that there is a concentration of activity 5pm - 8pm local time. You are welcome to staff your Zoom / MS Teams outside of hours.

It's hard to remember, but try to look at your camera when you're talking. That means you appear to be looking visitors in the eye. If you look at their image on the screen, you can look distracted.

If you miss a call, you will receive a lead and you will be able to get back to them to assist with their enquiry.

Before the show starts, test your lighting, background, camera and sound to make sure that you are presenting your brand most effectively. It may be useful to provide the link to a colleague so they can contact you before the show opens, to make sure everything is working (and appearing) as it should.


You can view the waiting room by hovering over the bottom of your screen, and selecting Participants. You will get a pop-up that shows everyone in the meeting, and everyone in the waiting room. When people arrive in the waiting room, you can admit them one by one (click Admit next to their name) if you want to have a private conversation. Or you can admit them all at once (click Admit All) to talk to a group.

If you have people in the waiting room, it's a good idea to message them, so they know you're there. Hover over the bottom of your screen and click Participants to show the people in the meting and in the waiting room. Then click Message (to the right of Waiting Room). You can then choose whether you want to message everyone, or just individual people. A suitable message might be "Thank you for visiting us at <your company name>'s booth. We're talking with other oral health professionals at the moment about our great products. We'll be with you in a few minutes."

There are plenty of online tutorials (such as using a virtual background if you want to showcase your brand even more) if you wish to explore further. Click here for Zoom tutorials.

MS Teams

Like Zoom, you should monitor your account for incoming visitors, by hovering over the top of the sreen and click the Show Participants icon. When people join your MS Teams call, they are listed as "Waiting in lobby". Click the green tick to let them into your call.

There are plenty of online tutorials (such as using a virtual background if you want to showcase your brand even more) if you wish to explore further. Click here for MS Teams tutorials.


Every click relating to your brand (clicking on your logo in the foyer, downloading a flyer, watching a video, clicking the Zoom / MS Teams link for a real-time catch-up, watching an on-demand presentation in the Learning Lab etc) is logged in the ADX Online platform. Leads will be automatically captured and you will be able to get more information about each lead's interest areas, based on what they clicked.

These leads will be provided to ADIA in bulk. ADIA will then segment the data for each company and send it to each virtual exhibition stand coordinator for lead follow up.

ADIA has requested an export of leads 3 times during ADX Online, to help you approach leads while they're fresh.

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