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Convened by the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA), the Australian Dental Industry Awards recognise excellence in the provision of quality products and services that support the work of dentists and allied oral healthcare professionals. 

The categories in the Australian Dental Industry Awards 2022 recognise ADIA member businesses and individuals across various fields of activity. No matter your business type or size, there's at least one Award that you (and your staff) would be eligible for!

Judges’ tips for nomination success

Using the Judges' feedback ADIA have created a quick video and provided some hints and tips to help you make the most out of your nominations for the 2022 Australian Dental Industry Awards. 

Good luck with your nomination!

Other useful things to keep in mind ...

1. Be organised - Don't wait until the last minute to prepare your Awards submission. You are able to view the questions beforehand: start making notes and finding records that will be helpful to highlight your nominee's qualities. We recommend that you have all the necessary information and answers compiled before you begin the nomination form.

2. Nominate in the correct category - Know the intent of the Award and the required nomination components. Read the criteria to establish whether this is the best category for your nomination.

3. Seek information and feedback to strengthen the nomination - Two heads are better than one! Invite some colleagues to give you feedback and other ideas about your nomination.

4. Submit a well-written nomination pack - Complete, well-written, succinct nomination answers are more likely to be successful. Use an active voice when writing and highlight the things your nominee did, not just the things they were part of. Think about why your nomination sets your nominee apart from the rest. Have a colleague do a thorough proofread before you submit your nomination.

5. Keep it within the word limit - Well-written, concise nominations are easier to read and the details stand out more strongly. Focus on quality, not quantity. Wordy accounts that exceed the word limit cannot be considered. So keep inside the word limit (in those questions that specify one) to make sure your wordiness doesn't take your nominee out of the running!

... and see the video above for more tips!

Sponsorship Opportunities

There are plenty of way to align your brand with dental industry excellence (and market your products and services to ADIA members). Click here for more information.

Further Information

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