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2014 Winner —
ADIA Medfin Finance Partnership Award

The ADIA Medfin Finance Dental Industry Partnership Award recognises corporate success in building cooperative partnerships with dentists and allied oral healthcare professionals that reflect the truly symbiotic relationship that exists between the dental industry and dental professions. This award covers activities that include, but are not limited to: supporting dental research; training of dental professionals, support for dental voluntary care programs; and efforts to assist dental professionals in the uptake of new technology.

Winner — Troll Dental
2014 ADIA Medfin Finance Dental Industry Partnership Award

TrollDental’s efforts in the EcoAct campaign was integral in the partnering between dentists and the dental industry to promote the recycling of dental instruments.

The judges were impressed that TrollDental’s efforts in the EcoAct campaign allowed dental professionals in Australia to work collaboratively with the dental industry in supporting environmental awareness and sustainability. The used instruments donated by the dentists were gathered at the TrollDental Headquarters in Wollongbar New South Wales where they were sorted for recycling, re-use or donation.

This partnership between dentists and the dental industry is mutually beneficial as it presents both as being environmentally aware as well as socially responsible.

In return for their donation of dental instruments and equipment, the dentists were offered a thirty per cent discount on replacement products from LM Instruments, meaning that both the dental profession and the dental industry were able to benefit financially from showing corporate social responsibility.

This partnership, where the dental profession and the dental industry worked so closely together to help provide the equipment and instruments used to deliver to oral healthcare services for the disadvantaged members of the community whilst being financially beneficial to each other, highlights the close alignment of the two sectors.

Significantly, this is the second time that TrollDental has won this award.

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Finalist — One Dental
2014 ADIA Bite Magazine Dental Industry Marketing Award


One Dental formed firm partnerships with all of the dental schools across Australia to not only become one of their main suppliers of simulation products, but to also work with dental professionals in the university sector to help them standardise dental training aids for the schools. This partnership with the faculty staff, professors and key opinion leaders at the dental schools was the result of many consultations and understanding the needs of the students through a clinician’s expertise.

The benefits stemming from this partnership include increased revenue for One Dental and the standardisation of simulation products for the dental student, meaning students can all expect to be examined under the same conditions. Through collaboration with experienced dental professionals, a new market for products was developed in a way that allows the next generation of dental professionals be the best that they can be.

One Dental’s impressive range of dental simulation products can be seen by visiting:

Individuals and companies within the Australian dental industry were encouraged to self-nominate for this award addressing questions that provided a clear demonstration of accomplishments against award criteria. The submissions were assessed by a panel of independent industry judges with the impartiality, expertise and experience to make a considered decision.

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2014 ADIA Westpac Health Dental Industry Awards Review [PDF]

The awards program was made possible with the generous support of award sponsors Wellsites, Bite Magazine, Medfin Finance, MW Partners Chartered Accountants and major sponsor, Westpac Healthcare.

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