The Whitening Project - Boutique Whitening
The Whitening Project - Boutique Whitening
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The Whitening Project - Boutique Whitening

Presenter Bio:

Stephen Douglas is passionate about teeth whitening and elevating cosmetic dental services in Australia. With a 17-year journey, he has collaborated closely with motivated Principal Dentists and their teams, aiming to enhance practice efficiency and effectiveness while prioritizing patient and practitioner satisfaction.

Stephen has remained at the forefront of oral care and cosmetics throughout his career. In addition to owning the UK's largest online teeth whitening store in 2003, he has led an Australian orthodontic company since 2015 .

These experiences propelled him to envision a shift in the Australian dental industry's approach to teeth whitening through education, an often misunderstood sector despite being highly researched.

Stephen's business philosophy revolves around viewing whitening as a precursor for dentists to establish deeper connections with their patients. As part of a global brand rollout in 2019, Stephen chose Boutique Whitening, a premier home whitening kit, as the preferred solution, developed and endorsed by dentists in Great Britain. His mission is to empower the dental industry in Australia with the knowledge and tools to provide outstanding teeth whitening services.

Presentation Title:

The Science of Teeth Whitening - Strategy and Training Program

Presentation Description:

Topic 1: The Teeth Whitening Opportunity in Australia. Responsibility for Teeth Whitening in Australia. The Challenges facing Dental Professionals

Explore the current landscape of teeth whitening in Australia, identifying who should take responsibility for providing these services within dental practices.
Discuss the increasing demand for teeth whitening and its high impact on dental practices in terms of patient satisfaction and revenue.
Highlight the challenges faced in the industry, such as competition and patient expectations.
Managing patient expectations.

Topic 2: The 5 Pillars of Effective Teeth Whitening

Pillar 1: Team Momentum Creating Patient Engagement & Value
Emphasise the importance of having dental professionals lead teeth whitening procedures.
Discuss the risks associated with non-dental professionals performing whitening treatments.
Showcase the added value that dental professionals bring to the process.

Pillar 2: Evaluating the 5 Biggest Teeth Whitening Myths
Expose and clarify the five most common myths surrounding teeth whitening.
Educate on the scientific and evidence-based facts behind teeth whitening procedures.
Help dental teams address patient concerns and misconceptions effectively.

Pillar 3: Clinical Momentum - The Science of Teeth Whitening
Outline the precise clinical protocols required for successful teeth whitening.
Provide strategies for managing sensitivity and ensuring patient compliance.
Explain the importance of selecting the correct peroxide formulation based on tooth colour shade and the cause of staining.

Pillar 4: Conversion Momentum Learn How to Discus Tooth Stain / Colour with Patients
Discuss the vital role of shade guides in assessing and communicating teeth whitening.
Identify the 20% of patients concerned about tooth colour or stains and the skills to interact with empathy.
Provide insights into converting interested patients into teeth-whitening clients.

Bonus Pillar 5: Creating a Luxury Teeth Whitening Service
Guide dental practices on developing a personalised and streamlined teeth whitening service.
Provide zero-cost marketing and promotion strategies to generate interest and intrigue among potential clients.
Provide a blueprint for delivering a premium, "done with you" teeth whitening experience within a practice.

This structured approach will allow dental professionals to understand the holistic aspects of teeth whitening in Australia, from its importance to addressing common myths, clinical protocols, conversion strategies, and creating a luxury service that meets patient expectations and boosts practice revenue.

The Whitening Project - Boutique Whitening
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