The OrthoED Institute - Aligner Essentials Course - Brisbane
The OrthoED Institute
Mr Marton Jakab
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Price: $4,290 AUD
Course Duration: 3 Days

The OrthoED Institute - Aligner Essentials Course - Brisbane

The OrthoED Institute Aligner Essentials Course covers:
Essential diagnostic principles required for aligner therapy
History of aligner therapy
Evaluation of different aligner systems
The use of the different type of attachments
Realistic outcomes with aligner movements, identifying cases which should be treated with fixed braces rather than aligners
Difference in biomechanics for aligners and braces
Problems with aligners and how to resolve them
Tips, tricks and techniques
Aligner setups for crowded and spacing cases
Aligner setups for Class 2 and Class 3 issues
Aligner setups for deep bites and open bites
Management of extraction cases with aligners
How to integrate aligner treatment into practice efficiently and profitably
Assessment of cases to determine their degree of difficulty
How to evaluate and modify a digital setup perfectly
Course Type: In-person
Presenter Bio:
Known by many as the Myth Busting Orthodontist Dr Geoff Hall is highly regarded as one of Australias leading Orthodontic educators having trained over 1000 dentists here in Australia. As the founder and head tutor at The OrthoED Institute, Dr Hall shows dentists that Orthodontics doesnt have to be difficult or complicated and you dont need to be a specialist with years of experience to successfully complete cases.

His principle-based teaching allows dentists to apply their knowledge and skills in all orthodontic systems and is built on 33 years of experience as an Orthodontist treating over 12,000 cases. Dr Hall founded The OrthoED Institute because as a practising orthodontist, he felt there was no clear framework for dental practitioners to undertake, develop and extend their orthodontic education and knowledge.

Dr Hall has a passion for teaching and educating general dentists having established the New Horizons Study Club and bringing the Seattle Study club to the Australian shores. In addition to being the director of OrthoED, he still works in a specialist practice and is also the founder and
director of CAPS and co-founder and co-director of Clear Aligner Excellence with Dr Jesse Green.
Learning Objectives: Following this three-day module, participants will understand the different aligner products in the marketplace and their individual advantages and disadvantages. The participant will be able to identify realistic goals of aligner therapy, the eligible patients and keys to success with this type of therapy as it applies to various orthodontic problems including, crowding, spacing, deep bite, open bite, Class 2, Class 3 and extraction cases. In addition, a full understanding of aligner therapy, including its biomechanics, the use of different attachments, tips and tricks, and how to make aligner treatment profitable in practice will be discussed.

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