Mastering Posterior Restorations - Two Day Workshop
Ms Emma Coupe
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Course Duration: 14 Hours

Mastering Posterior Restorations - Two Day Workshop

This two-day course will identify and address common challenges in posterior restorations.

Day One - Lecture
Day Two - Hands-on experience with cutting-edge techniques from simple Class I to rebuilding functional cusps.
Course Type: In-person
Presenter Bio:
Dr J Mitchell Innes
Specialist Prosthodontist, BSc (BioMedSci) BDSc (HONS) D Clin Dent (PROS)

What sets Mitch apart in the world of dentistry?
Following on from many successful years in general dentistry in both public and private practice, Mitch completed his specialist training with a Doctorate in Clinical Dentistry (Prosthodontics) at the University of Adelaide and a specialist fellowship with the Academy of Australian and New Zealand Prosthodontists.
Dr Innes extensive doctorate research into CAD/CAM material analysis and degradation behaviours has attracted national and international interest. Mitch is also currently researching the clinical behaviour of dental ceramics and the implementation of digital technology in dental ceramic restoration fabrication. His is also at the forefront of research into dental implant prosthetics.
He lectures on these topics nationally and internationally and has undergone publication.
Mitch is an advisor to dental companies including Ivoclar, 3M, Neoss Dental Implants and Part Maker custom implant prosthetics.
Learning Objectives: Identifying and addressing common challenges in posterior restorations.

Cavity Preparation Design
Functional Anatomy Understanding
Post Operative Sensitivity Prevention/Handling
Myths around the Adhese Bonding on Compromised/Crack Tooth
Understanding the curing light checklist

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