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Trade Show Allocation Process

The Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) is pleased to provide guidance on the booth allocation process for the 2017 ADIA Queensland Dental Show, the dental community's largest regularly scheduled event.

As an event convened under the auspices of the ADIA Queensland Branch, businesses that have been active in the local branch (i.e. a business with an employee that has attended a Branch briefing in either 2015 or 2016 prior to the release of the exhibition prospectus) level are recognised by having preferential access in Stage One to trade show space.

The booth allocation process has been approved by the ADIA-DEC Dental Exhibitions Committee and is designed to accommodate the needs of both small and large exhibitors, and gives preference to ADIA member businesses active in the local branch. It is as follows:

Stage One Member Allocation —

Step 1 ADIA Member businesses (only) (maximum of two booths); and
Step 2 Must have no outstanding funds (e.g. from a previous exhibition) payable to ADIA; and
Step 3 Member businesses must have been active in ADIA Queensland Branch activities in either 2015 or 2016.
Note: Applications will open on 1 September 2016 and close on 31 October 2016. To determine the order in which spaces are allocated, a ballot will be conducted for those member businesses applying for two spaces (space will then be allocated), and then one space.

Stage Two Member Allocation (Subject to availability) —

Step 1 ADIA Member businesses in any state regardless of activity (maximum of two booths); and
Step 2 Must have no outstanding funds (e.g. from a previous exhibition) payable to ADIA.
Note: Applications open on 21 November 2016.

Stage Three Member Allocation (Subject to availability) —

Step 1 General sales to members (yet to secure space) and non-members (maximum of one booth); and
Step 2 Businesses must have no outstanding monies due.
Note: Applications open on 3 April 2017.

Please note that in the event that in Stage One the demand for space exceeds supply, an applicant for more than one space may have its application sized down. The determination as to which businesses will have their space downsized will be made via ballot and the requested allocation will be reduced by one. This process will continue until the demand for space in Stage One is met.

With respect to payments, for ADIA member businesses a 50% deposit is payable within 28 days of receiving notification of your allocation and the balance is payable by 15 July 2017. Please note that for non-member businesses payment is to be made in full within within 28 days of receiving notification of your allocation.

As noted, as an event convened under the auspices of the ADIA Queensland Branch, businesses that have been active at branch level are recognised by having preferential access to trade show space at this state-level event. This process was derived by members and provides particular support for small businesses, something consistent with ADIA's commitment to assist small businesses.

Further Information —

To keep up to date with the 2017 ADIA Queensland Dental Show be sure to regularly visit the ADIA Facebook page at and check out the Twitter feed @AusDental. If you have any questions concerning the 2017 ADIA Queensland Dental Show please contact us via email at or by telephone on 1300 943 094.

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