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Member Engagement —
ADIA-IIG Implant Interest Group

Employees of Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) member businesses come together under the auspices of the ADIA-IIG Implant Interest Group. Participation in the ADIA-IIG offers the opportunity to not only learn about changes to the implant sector’s commercial and technical environment, but also build a network of peers who share your passion for implant dentistry.

There are several benefits associated with ADIA-IIG Implant Interest Group participation that are set out below:

Strengthen relationships with stakeholders —

Each year the ADIA-IIG Implant Interest Group convenes a sector update where you get to hear from key stakeholders including the Australian Osseointegration Society (AOS), the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry (ASID), the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons (RACDS), and other dental community stakeholders.

Understand and influence product standards —

If you have an interest in design and regulatory standards for products used in implant dentistry, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to understand and influence documents produced by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and other bodies.

Understanding the commercial environment —

Help develop future editions of the Australian Dental Industry Intelligence Report and learn how the data from the Australian Dental Practice Business Conditions Survey can be used to assess the market for dental implant products.

ADIA membership and your involvement with the ADIA-IIG Implant Interest Group offers numerous other benefits and will keep business informed about changes to the commercial, technical and regulatory environment. Many professionals, however, believe the greatest benefit of participation is the networking and camaraderie that goes on among members.

The dental implants sector is a challenging environment and with your participation in the ADIA-IIG Implant Interest Group you’ll gain new insights and industry contacts that will benefit you personally. Any ADIA member business involved in the manufacturing and/or supply of dental implant products is eligible to have its employees participate in ADIA-IIG Implant Interest Group activities, it is as simple as completing the form below returning it to the ADIA National Office.

Further information on interest groups —

ADIA-IIG Implant Interest Group Information Brochure [PDF]

When ADIA was founded in 1925, a founding principle was that the organisation should serve to “provide a medium for the exchange of views relating to dental products” and more than ninety years later we remain faithful to that task via the ADIA-IIG Implant Interest Group.

Further Information —

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