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Member Engagement —
ADIA-MSPC Market Statistics Projects Committee

A major role for the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) is to provide member businesses with accurate and timely statistics on the market in which dental products are manufactured and sold. It’s the advice and guidance from representatives of member businesses serving on the ADIA-MSPC Market Statistics Projects Committee that has contributed to the Association’s strength in this area.

Over the past five years ADIA has greatly expanded the data published that assess the current market for dental products and the drivers of demand. Members serving on the ADIA-MSPC Committee have the opportunity to help support the development of research publications including:

Market Research & Statistical Publications —

Australian Dental Industry Intelligence Report
Australian Dental International Currency Assessment *
Australian Dental Products Business Conditions Survey
Australian Dental Practice Business Conditions Survey
Australian Dental & Oral Healthcare Expenditure Report *
Australian Dental Workforce In Numbers Report

As a member of this committee you’ll have the opportunity to support the development of data that’s valued by the industry and gain some valuable insights into the high-level data collection and analysis undertaken by the team in the ADIA national office.
If you are committed to building a strong network of professional peers who share an interest in developing market statistics join the ADIA-MSPC Market Statistics Projects Committee today.

The ADIA-MSPC committee typically meets three to four times per year and much of the committee’s work is undertaken electronically with the secretariat functions being provided by ADIA national office staff. Participation in the work of the ADIA-MSPC is open to any employee of an ADIA member company who is able to make a contribution to the work of the committee.

Committee involvement is not a large investment of time but the returns to your business and the broader dental industry can be immense. If you have an interest in contributing to the development of policy that will allow your business to grow, create jobs, and operate sustainably, then get involved in the ADIA-MSPC committee today. Further information on joining the committee can be found online at:

National Committee Application Form —

ADIA-MSPC Market Statistics Projects Committee - Nomination form [PDF]

We want businesses in the dental industry to succeed. It’s the sole reason ADIA was formed in 1925 and all of our activities are directed towards this task. To this end, ADIA provides leadership, strategy, advocacy, and support. Our members set our agenda, fund our activities, and directly benefit from the results. The ADIA-MSPC Market Statistics Projects Committee is your opportunity to make a difference.

Further Information —

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