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Industry Reference Group — WA Digital Imaging

What businesses like about the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) is the fact that we bring members together in order to share ideas and work towards common goals. That is what the ADIA Reference Group - WA Digital Imaging is all about, allowing member businesses to have a say and help shape policy on proposed reforms to the regulatory requirements associated with the ownership of Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)/Cone Beam Volumetric Tomography (CBVT) equipment in Western Australia.

Reference Group Overview —

The ADIA Reference Group - WA Digital Imaging was formed to seek the input of member businesses on what ADIA's advice to government should be concerning ownership of CBCT/CBVT digital imaging equipment in Western Australia.

Reference Group Functions —

The primary function of the reference group is to allow members to provide expert technical advice on the issues raised within ADIA's representations to government on matters associated with the ownership of CBCT/CBVT digitial imaging equipment in Western Australia. This strengthens ADIA's advocacy efforts on behalf of the dental industry as it ensures government has considered the technical expertise that can only be offered by product manufacturers and suppliers.

Issues For The Industry —

Dental professionals believe that CBCT/CBVT digital imaging is changing the way dental practitioners view the oral and maxillofacial complex as well as teeth and the surrounding tissues. CBCT/CBVT has been specifically designed to produce undistorted images similar to computed tomography (CT), but at a lower equipment cost, simpler image acquisition, and lower patient radiation dose.

This leading-edge technology offers many benefits for patients. However, its use in Western Australia is constrained as a result of outdated and unnecessarily restrictive licensing policy that means virtually no dentist in Western Australia can use this technology. ADIA is recommending that the Western Australian Government, through the Radiological Council of Western Australia (RCWA) review the current policy in order to reflect contemporary approaches in the ownership and use of CBCT/CBVT imaging equipment.

ADIA believes that it is important to separate the issues of CBCT/CBVT ownership and operation from image interpretation and diagnosis. The solution being sought by ADIA allows appropriately trained dental and oral healthcare professionals to use the equipment (i.e. take an image) and then permit the second step of allowing other healthcare specialists such as radiologists in addition to dentists, oral/maxillofacial with appropriate training surgeons to interpret the image. However, the second step is a separate regulatory matter that will be appropriately dealt with at a later stage by the Dental Board of Australia (DBA).

Policy Objectives —

The ADIA Reference Group - WA Digital Imaging Minamata Convention is working to achieve a regulatory framework akin to that adopted by the South Australian government which requires dental professionals, including dentists, dental surgeons, orthodontists, endodontists, hygienists and assistants, to hold complete appropriate levels of operator training and hold a licence if they wish to operate ionising radiation apparatuses.

External Stakeholder Engagement —

Radiological Council of Western Australia

Reference Group Membership —

Any ADIA member business that manufactures or supplies CBCT/CBVT digital imaging equipment can nominate individuals to be part of this reference group. To do so, simply complete and return the form below:

ADIA WA Digital Imaging Reference Group - Membership application [PDF]

At the discretion of the ADIA Board other members may be invited to participate in the work of the reference Group.

Reference Group Meeting Dates —

Keep an eye out for 2019 dates.

The ADIA Reference Group - WA Digital Imaging typically conducts most of its business via email and bimonthly there is a short teleconference to report on the progress that is being made to secure reforms to Western Australia's legislation pertaining to CBCT/CBVT ownership. The time commitment is not great and is typically an hour every month or so.

If your business has an interest in issues associated with supply of CBCT/CBVT digital imaging equipment in Western Australia be sure to get involved. It is your chance to build a network of contacts of people with a similar interest and to get in and make a difference.

Further Information —

To keep up to date with the issues associated with CBCT / CBVT digital equipment ownership in Western Australia be sure to follow ADIA on Facebook at and subscribe to the Twitter feed @AusDental. Alternatively, please feel free to send an email to or telephone 1300 943 094.

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