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Industry Reference Group — Government Tendering

What businesses like about the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) is the fact that we bring members together in order to share ideas and work towards common goals. That is what the ADIA Reference Group - Government Tendering is all about, allowing member businesses involved in government procurement to help government improve tender processes.

Reference Group Overview —

The ADIA Reference Group - Government Tendering was formed to seek the input of member businesses on what ADIA's advice to government should be concerning reforms that make it easy for businesses of all sizes to compete for government business.

Reference Group Functions —

The primary function of the reference group is to allow members to provide feedback to ADIA staff on challenges associated with businesses submitting proposals in response to government procurement tenders, or fulfilling procurement orders, so as to ensure that the red tape associated with such activities are not necessarily onerous for businesses.

Issues For The Industry —

Business of all sizes supply dental products to government and participate in the tender process and, consistent with supporting competition in the market place, ADIA is keen for as many businesses to participate in government procurement as possible. However, sometimes government departments/agencies issue tender and procurement documentation with obligations that are necessarily complex. The impact of this is that business may opt-out of government tendering and procurement, meaning costs will almost always be higher for government than they need to be.

Tendering and procurement policies vary between the Australian Government and each state/territory government but there are are two common tenets, these being that tendering and procurement processes: should minimise any administrative burden, risks and associated compliance costs for businesses; and that they should promote and not restrict competition in the government procurement market, thus potential suppliers must remain able to be treated equitably based on their legal, commercial, technical, and financial abilities.

ADIA's efforts in this area are directed towards ensuring that tendering and procurement guidelines create as little red tape as possible, thus the work of this group is strictly limited to providing ADIA staff with advice as to where procurement and tendering processes are overly complex.

At no time does this group serve as a vehicle, or otherwise provide an opportunity, for members to discuss issues associated with pricing, cover bidding, bid suppression, bid withdrawal, bid rotation or submission of non-conforming bids and other activities prohibited by the Competition and Consumer Act 2001 (Cth). At all times discussions are strictly limited to improving government tendering and procurement frameworks.

Policy Objectives —

That government tendering and procurement guidelines do not not impose a disproportionate regulatory burden which is inconsistent with governments' commitment to reduce red tape.

External Stakeholder Engagement —

State and territory governments.

Reference Group Membership —

Any ADIA member business that is involved in the tendering process can nominate individuals to be part of this reference group. To do so, simply complete and return the form below:

ADIA Tendering Reference Group - Membership application [PDF]

At the discretion of the ADIA Board other members may be invited to participate in the work of the reference Group.

Reference Group Meeting Dates —

Keep an eye out for 2019 dates.

The ADIA Reference Group - Government Tendering typically conducts most of its business via email and bimonthly there is a short teleconference to report on the progress that is being made to reduce the red tape business faces as a result of participating in government tendering and procurement. The time commitment is not great and is typically an hour every month or so.

If your business has an interest in making it easy to participate in government tendering and procurement, be sure to get involved. It is your chance to build a network of contacts of people with a similar interest and to get in and make a difference.

Further Information —

Keep up to date with the issues associated with the dental chair installation in Victoria be sure to follow ADIA on Facebook at and subscribe to the Twitter feed @AusDental. Alternatively, please feel free to send an email to or telephone 1300 943 094.

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