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ADIA Code of Practice — Underpinning Principles

The Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) has worked with the Australian Government to ensure that the ADIA Code of Practice upheld the intent that decisions on management (including treatment) options for health needs are based upon sound clinical evidence, not driven by incentives or other influences.

Businesses Covered By The Code ―

The ADIA Code of Practice applies to any ADIA member business and in addition to any business (whether or not an ADIA member) that exhibits at a trade show convened by ADIA. The latter outcome is achieved as it is a standard condition of participation at an ADIA convened exhibition.

General Principles Of The Code ―

The ADIA Code of Practice operates under a set of general principles that regulate the interaction of the dental industry with dental professionals. These principles are:

. Members must at all times comply with the provisions of all relevant legislation;
. Members must not engage in unethical behaviour, misleading or deceptive conduct, or unfair or unconscionable practices; and
. Members must always respect the ethical requirements and codes of practice which apply to dental professionals by their professional association.

Although there is an expectation that Members will meet the general principles set out in the document this does not make the Code the definitive guidance on such matters, nor necessarily provides ADIA with compliance responsibility. By way of example, the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) clearly articulates expectations insofar as misleading or deceptive conduct, or unfair or unconscionable practices are concerned.

Quality Use Of Therapeutic Goods ―

The dental industry, and the therapeutic goods sector more broadly, promotes the concept of good health incorporating the quality use of therapeutic goods which is based on genuine consumer health needs and supported by the ethical conduct of all parties. The quality use of therapeutic goods means;

. That a dental professional should choose suitable therapeutic goods only if it is considered necessary and in the patient’s best interest;
. Therapeutic goods should be used safely and effectively;
. Diagnostic and treatment options should be selected by dental professionals wisely, based on the best available evidence and the patient’s needs, free from any undue influence on the part of the dental industry; and
Decisions by dental professionals concerning treatment and / or diagnostic pathways are made independently of any inappropriate inducement or offer by the Dental Industry.

In practice this means businesses in the dental industry are unable to offer in connection with the ordering, purchase or supply of therapeutic products an incentive that would likely influence a healthcare professional's decisions on patient diagnostic and treatment options.

The ADIA Code of Practice has a primary objective for the maintenance of the trust and confidence of, and accountability to, all communities in which the dental industry engages, The effectiveness of this is assessed through the eyes of stakeholders external to the dental industry, primarily those representing healthcare professionals and patients.

Further Information —

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