ADIA is the peak business organisation representing manufacturers and suppliers of dental products. Our vision is for an industry that empowers oral health professionals to advance the health and wellbeing of all Australians...................... — ADIA Strategic Plan

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The strength of Australia’s dental industry is in people just like you, individuals who are bound by a commitment to customer service and providing the best products and services to dentists and allied oral healthcare professionals. As a member of the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA), you are amongst friends and colleagues that, through their businesses, supply more than 95% of the products and services used by dental professionals.

The ADIA membership is diverse and includes not only the local operations of large multinational corporations but also the small businesses that are the backbone of Australians dental industry – indeed, small businesses that turn over less than $2.5million annual represent more than half of the entire membership and that's what makes ADIA so strong.

Manufacturers and suppliers of dental products —

Since ADIA was founded in 1925 the majority of its members have been the businesses that manufacturer and supply dental products. As new products come online and new businesses enter the market, they join ADIA in order to align themselves with a business community that's committee to the supply of new and innovative technologies.

Dental laboratories —

As the only business organisation that represents dental laboratories, the ADIA members operating in this sector share a commitment to meeting the regulatory standards and supplying the highest quality products. ADIA members in this area include the pioneers of both CAD/CAM and 3D printing technology and have a strong belief in the future of Australia's dental laboratory sector.

Professional services firms —

From banking and finance to insurance and law, for more that twenty years the ADIA membership has been strengthened by the businesses that provide professional services to dental practices. This is the sector of ADIA's membership that's enjoyed the strongest growth in recent years and where many unique business partnerships have been formed.

Business development, marketing and advertising firms —

There are some great commercial opportunities for dental practices and the task of advising them on these falls to the ADIA member businesses that provide consulting services in the areas of business development, marketing and advertising. The membership also includes those businesses that provide commercial and legal advice to dentists looking to sell their practice.

Surgery design and fit-out firms —

One of the dental industry's strongest areas of growth has been amongst those businesses that provide dental services design and fit-out services with all of the leading firms in this area having joined ADIA in recent years. There are some great synergies for surgery design and fit-out with the businesses that provides marketing and advertising services and the businesses that supply large pieces of dental equipment.

ADIA membership is more than simply joining a growing community of leading businesses across the dental industry. It is your chance to strengthen your network of peers and colleagues and use it for the invaluable resource that it is — utilising their feedback to increase your market presence. Once your membership is approved you, are presented with many opportunities for growth, both personal and professional. The more you become involved, the more benefits you can realise.

Member Engagement —

ADIA provides leadership, strategy, advocacy and support. Our members set our agenda, fund our activities and directly benefit from the results. With respect to the Association's work to ensure that the membership provides a meaningful return on each member's investment, the team in the ADIA national office receive advice and guidance from members serving on the ADIA-MSC Membership Services Committee and who attend ADIA State Branch briefings.

Further Information —

To keep up to date with how ADIA is working to support suppliers of products and services to dental professionals, subscribe to the Twitter feed @AusDental or follow us on Facebook at Alternatively, you can contact the Association via email at or by telephone on 1300 943 094.

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