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Australian Dental Industry Awards 2020 - Sustainability Award Tips

Australian Dental Industry Awards 2020 - Sustainability Award Tips

31st Jul 19

We look forward to receiving your submission for the Sustainability Award.

To assist you in organising your answers, the questions have been arranged to build up a coherent picture in the judges’ minds of your business.  

Sustainability isn’t just a buzz word anymore, people are looking and purchasing on sustainable practices.  Have you seen a decline in single use items and greater purchasing in items that can be recycled or reused?  


Section 1 A - Provide an overview of your organisation

# check 'About Us' on your website!

Section 1 B – Provide your organisation’s mission and vision statement

# check your website, or do you have it on your wall in the office?  When you visit the ADIA National Office you will see our vision is clear for everyone to see.

Section 2 A - Outline your approach to responsible environmental care and management

# do you have a corporate social responsibility statement or policy?  If you do, it will answer the question.

Section 2 B – How do you ensure staff adhere to the initiative?

# do you have policies and/or procedures? Do you have it as a standing agenda item on staff meetings?

Section 3 A - Outline your environmental care measures during the period 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019.

# this could include the areas of energy efficiency, extended product responsibility, green product design, waste reduction, sustainable business practices and/or water conservation.

Section 3 B - In reference to your response to the above question, how have you performed against each target?

# look at your electricity bill for figures on how you have made an impact. Are you ordering less paper or has your waste collection reduced?

Section 3 C- Detail the time and funds that your organisation has invested?

# when you were planning the initiatives, did you have a set amount of funds that needed to be recouped or time allowed for the program?

Section 3 D – Outline your most impressive environmental initiative or project launched in the past 12 months, including the issue you were looking to address and specific targets that you were looking to achieve. This could relate to energy efficiency, extended product responsibility, green product design, waste reduction, sustainable business practices and/or water conservation.

# everything you’ve written previously builds into this answer. 

Section 3 E - In reference to your response to the above question, how did you identify this initiative or project as “worthy”?

# why do it? Why did it make good business sense?

Section 3 F- With reference to your previous response, detail exactly what you have achieved to date and how this compares to your projections and targets. Be specific and provide comparative projected versus actual data where possible.

# was it a success or fail?  How do you know?

Section 4 A - How does this environmental commitment benefit your business?

# This doesn’t just been a financial impact; it could be the good will that you have gained from your customers and staff in feeling like they are part of the solution!

Section 4 B - Outline how you communicate this commitment to your staff, customers and suppliers.

# Did you communicate via policies, ads, emails, social media posts?  Was it an agenda item at all meetings?

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For further information on the Australian Dental Industry Awards 2020, send an email to or telephone the National Office team on 1300 943 094.  To keep up to date follow ADIA on Facebook at or subscribe to the Twitter feed @AusDental.

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