Employ An Apprentice Or
Trainee In Australia's Dental Industry

The Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) has partnered with MEGT, the nation’s foremost provider of apprenticeship and traineeship services, to support manufacturers and suppliers of dental products wishing to expand their workforce.  

Group Training is an alternative employment arrangement for Australian apprentices and employers in the dental industry whereby a group training organisation (in this case MEGT) recruits apprentices and trainees under contract and places them with ‘host’ employers (e.g. your business) while they undertake their training. 

This ADIA - MEGT partnership can help you employ an apprentice or trainee and thus help your business to grow, create jobs and operate sustainably.

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Dental Industry News January 2015

Employer Liability On Workplace Bullying Defined

With the rise in workplace bullying incidents being reported to the Fair Work Commission, a recent decision has set clear definition to the Commission’s remit on anti-bullying laws with significant implications for employers.
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Investment Climate Slumps From Difficult Christmas Period

Following a period of optimism from Australian businesses, the December 2014 quarter's results for the ACCI Survey Of Investor Confidence shows a significant slump in trading conditions and that businesses are uncertain about the economy.
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ADIA Moves To Protect Patients From Substandard Dental Products

Proposals that will see a flood of substandard dental products on to the Australian market should not be progressed with by the Australian Government given the real concerns associated with patient safety.
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Stronger Regulations For Dental Laboratory Products Needed

An Australian Government review of medical device regulation has been advised of the need to strengthen the framework for the lawful approval of dental laboratory products, including the information provided to patients.
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Dental Media ― January 2015

Smarter Lunch Boxes

28/01/2015 West Australian (Newspaper, Western Aust.)

A feature spread on how schoolchildren’s eating can affect their health and wellbeing dedicates a section to how certain common lunchbox foods can negatively the impact children's oral health.

John Howard's Advice To CSU Orange Students: "Stand Together"

17/12/2014 Central Western Daily (Newspaper, Regional New South Wales)

Former Prime Minister John Howard visited the Orange campus of Charles Sturt University on Tuesday to inspect the dentistry facilities his government helped to fund - for its contribution, he was named doctor of the university. However, in accepting what he called an “exceptional honour”, Mr Howard said he could not address the students without acknowledging the events in Sydney earlier that morning, which left three people dead.

Hard Work Pays Off

23/12/2014 Northern Territory News (Newspaper, Darwin)

Asha Tonkin-Reeves is now considering a career in dentistry or healthcare after being named the Northern Territory's top indigenous student for 2014.

Health In The West Requires Solid Roots

27/12/2014 Daily Telegraph (Newspaper, New South Wales)

The latest figures for dental waiting lists in Western Sydney provide a dramatic illustration of the region's health issues. That waiting list has doubled over the past two years, with many patients facing delays of a year or more before being treated. Worryingly, the number of Western Sydney children waiting for treatment has increased from 1060 to 1862 over the same period.

The Business Of Pearly White Smiles

27/12/2014 Australian Financial Review (Newspaper, National)

Shares in Pacific Smiles jumped 35 per cent on debut on November 21 and are up 38 per cent since the IPO. Rival 1300 SMILES, which is capitalised at $130 million, has been a public company for 10 years and seen its stock almost double in the last three years. Pacific Smiles posted $59 million in revenue in fiscal 2014. The company makes money by invoicing dentists a service fee for the supply of services and facilities at its centres.

Time To Put Bite On Wait List

31/12/2014 Dubbo Daily Liberal (Newspaper, Regional New South Wales)

Waiting lists for dentistry work for adults in Western NSW have grown by almost 25 per cent in the last two years leaving residents with longer waits for treatment.

Cabinet papers 1988-89: university fees, POWs and Kodak factory

1/01/2015 Sydney Morning Herald (Newspaper, New South Wales)

Cabinet records for 1988 and 1989 released by the National Archives of Australia recently detail the internal battles between senior Labor Government ministers surrounding the changes to university fees, prisoners-of-war, and the Coburg Kodak plant bailout.

Decisions pending on asset sales

2/01/2015 Courier Mail (Newspaper, Queensland)

The former University of Queensland School of Dentistry and the heritage listed Queensland Dental Hospital in the Brisbane CBD has attracted some local but mostly overseas interest in a proposed sale by the Queenland Government. It is understood Chinesebased property developer Wuzhou International has offered almost $70 million for the 8919sq m site at 168-200 Turbot Street, Brisbane.

New Advisor To Help Business

7/01/2015 The Border Mail (Newspaper, Regional Victoria)

With significant experience in developing international trade, particularly in the dental technology area, the appointment by the Australian Industry Group of Mr Dean Freeman as Trade Advisor is good news for businesses in the NSW/Victorian border region.

Easy Entry For Skilled Foreigners

7/01/2015 Australian Financial Review (Newspaper, National)

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection is proposing a new temporary entry visa for foreign workers that would not require the candidates to pass language or skills requirements. Nor would employers have to prove they cannot find an Australian to fill the position.

Who Are Queensland's Unofficial Premiers In Waiting

12/01/2015 The Conversation (Online News)

In the lead up to the Queensland State Election, this article looks at major leadership candidates, including former Gold Coast dentist and current education minister John-Paul Langbroek.

Push To Curb Mercury Emissions From Cremations As European Union Debates Pollution Controls

13/01/2015 Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Online)

Environmental campaigners call for European Union authorities to reduce mercury emissions from fillings in teeth released in cremations.

Surgeon Discovered Dental Implant By Accident

13/01/2015 The Age (Newspaper, Victoria)

Dr Per-Ingvar Branemark, a Swedish orthopaedic surgeon and research professor credited with the discovery of the osseointegration process and consequently the development of the modern dental implant, has died in Sweden aged 85.

Don't Count On Mouthwash To Beat Bad Breath

16/01/2015 The Australian (Newspaper, National)

While there is a common perception that gargling mouth wash will combat bad breath, dentists say mouthwash and other rinses can be beneficial to overall oral health and an important part of daily oral hygiene routines but they aren't essential.

Dubbo Man's Bid For Senate

17/01/2015 Dubbo Daily Liberal (Newspaper, Regional New South Wales)

Having exhausted other avenues of trying to get dental health made a priority by federal government, Dubbo dental prosthetist Peter Muller will run for a federal senate seat as an independent in 2016.

Sometimes Policy Is Not Worth The Pain

20/01/2015 Daily Telegraph (Newspaper, New South Wales)

Former Federal Treasurer Peter Costello comments on the current Federal Government's initiatives to try and introduce a co-payment to visit the doctor.

Australia's Dental Hygiene Worse Than Britain's

21/01/2015 Sunshine Coast Daily (Newspaper, Regional Queensland)

An Oral-B funded survey has shown that Australia's overall oral hygiene is worse than Britain's. The survey found that while 79% of Britons brush twice a day, a third of Australians brushed only once a day.

A New Call For Change

21/01/2015 Australian Ageing Agenda (Trade Publication, Naitonal)

Dr Rick Olive comments on the challenges about to faced as Australia's population continues to age, and the consideration that core components in the education and training of all healthcare professional working in aged care facilities should include the ability to undertake an oral health screen.

Government Accused Of Overstating Health Spending Growth

22/01/2015 Brisbane Times (Newspaper, Queensland)

Health Minister Sussan Ley has begun consulting doctors about reforms to rein in what she has called the "rapid and unsustainable" rate of growth in Medicare spending.

A Nation Salutes - 2015 Australia Day Honours

26/01/2015 Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper, South Australia)

In this year's Australia Day Honours, Dr Lawrence Maxwell Smart of South Australia was awarded AO (Officer in the General Division) for significant service to dentistry in the field of clinical orthodontics.

Dental Industry Seminars & Courses

ADIA-DEC Dental Exhibitions Committee

29/01/2015, Teleconference - ADIA National Office

This meeting of the ADIA-DEC Dental Events Committee will discuss the upcoming regional exhibitions in Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia, as well as providing an update on developments for the ADX16 Sydney dental exhibition. 

Advanced Clinical and General Photography

18/11/2015, St Leonards - ADA CPD

This is an advanced course for dentists and staff with some understanding and experience of digital photography, who wish to expand their skills in the taking of photographs and the manipulation of digital images.

The Exceptional Team Reward

21/10/2015, Gold Coast - Momentum Management

Do you already have an exceptional team and want to thank them? Do you want to give them a reward but you don't know how? How about combining some continuing education and team building with some rest and relaxation? 3 days on the beautiful Gold Coast - sun, surf and great times. There is no better way to thank the people that do so much for you and your patients. 

Mastering Techniques for Anterior Composites

21/08/2015, St Leonards - ADA NSW

This course is designed to update the practitioner on techniques that can be used to improve the aesthetics of direct anterior composite restorations.
This all day program is a combination of lectures and hands-on components. Participants will be introduced to a variety of diff erent techniques to achieve an optimal aesthetic outcome.

ADIA-BAC Business Affairs Committee

20/07/2015, Teleconference - ADIA National Office

This meeting of the ADIA-BAC will review matters including business taxation, international trade agreements in addition to workplace relations matters.  It will also consider policy matters before the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI).

Trauma out of Dental Trauma Treatment

29/05/2015, Crows Nest - ADA CPD

This program will review and present the latest guidelines in treating dental trauma from four unique clinical perspectives. A traumatic dental injury results in acute transmission of energy to not only teeth but also surrounding structures. As such, a team approach is commonly indicated and this one day course emphasises the importance of input from the different disciplines in dentistry.

ADIA South Australian Branch Meeting

21/05/2015, Adelaide - ADIA South Australian Branch

The ADIA South Australian branch meeting allows employees of local ADIA member businesses to come together, explore ideas and share experiences.

The Basics of Clinical Photography

24/04/2015, St Leonards - ADA NSW

The routine use of digital photography can significantly enhance record-taking, validate clinical decisions and provide an impressive tool for patient education and practice marketing. Attendees will see reviews of all types of cameras and the armamentarium required to take extra and intra-oral pictures. This course will be an invaluable experience for general dentists and specialists and will be useful for general photography as well.

Medical Emergency Certification Training

22/04/2015, St Leonards, NSW - ADA CPD

This hands-on program leads to certification in Advanced Life Support for dentists and staff. The training is designed to provide the practitioner and their support staff with a simple algorithm for the management of medical emergencies within the practice.
Participants will learn about the most common life threatening medical conditions, how to recognise them and how to conduct a quick and accurate clinical assessment and lead the practice team in providing effective treatment.


Anxiety Relief in Dentistry

27/02/2015, St Leonards, NSW - ADA CPD

This course will cover a spectrum of anxiety relieving alternatives. It will give the caring dentist a selection of anxiolytic techniques that can be offered to their patients including psychosedation, oral sedation and inhalation sedation. All participants will have the opportunity to administer and experience the full range of effects of relative analgesia using nitrous oxide-oxygen, and, after completing the course, will feel confident in setting up and administering this agent. 

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