2015 Tax Discussion Paper And Reforms
To Support Australia's Dental Industry

Businesses across the dental industry are being encouraged to think about Australia’s taxation system, the need for reform and what this may look like. This important opportunity stems from the release by the Australian Government of a discussion paper on tax reform.

The ADIA-BAC Business Affairs Committee is liaising to member businesses to ensure tax reform produces an environment which allows businesses across the dental industry to grow, create jobs and operate sustainably.

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Dental Industry News July 2015

DBA Addresses Breaches In Sterilisation Standards

The last meeting of the Dental Board of Australia (DBA) has addressed recent issues with poor sterilisation and infection control procedures within certain dental practices which have resulted in health scares in Melbourne and Sydney.
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TGA Opens Consultation On Adoption of European Guidelines

As Australia moves toward a more globally recognised standard of therapeutic goods certification, EU Guidelines that would have application in Australia have been recommended for adoption by the TGA.
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Australian Manufacturing Looking Up According To Survey

The June 2015 results of the ACCI - Westpac Survey of Industrial Trends have shown that the mood amongst Australia's manufacturing sector is optimistic, with the survey reporting the third consecutive quarterly improvement in conditions.
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Ministerial Health Industry Forum Meets At Parliament

The new ministerial Health Industry Forum provides a platform for the dental industry to have high-level input into Australian Government programs to support the research, development and commercialisation of medical technologies.
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Dental Media ― July 2015

New plans add $450m to budget

27/07/2015 The Australian (Newspaper, National)

Plans discussed at the ALP National Conference included motions in support of protecting Medicare and moving towards universal dental healthcare.

Dodgy Dentists Expose Flawed Health Setup

4/07/2015 Sydney Morning Herald (Newspaper, New South Wales)

A Sydney Morning Herald editorial regarding the recent health scares which revealed certain Sydney dental practices had been lax in following stringent infection control and hygiene guidelines.

Breastfed Babies Get The Benefits

4/07/2015 Daily Telegraph (Newspaper, New South Wales)

An Adelaide researcher has found that breastfed babies are less likely to develop teeth and jaw conditions such as overbites, crossbites and severe misalignment in later life.

Patients Could Sue Over Dental Disease Scare

4/07/2015 Sydney Morning Herald (Newspaper, New South Wales)

Several patients who may have been exposed to HIV and hepatitis are considering legal action against the Sydney dentists who performed invasive dental surgery with poorly sterilised equipment.

New Hope For Treatment Of Breast Cancer

9/07/2015 Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper, South Australia)

A new technique which utilises a gelatine sponge used in dentistry has been developed by Adelaide scientists which could revolutionise the way breast cancer is treated.

Outback Towns In NSW At Risk Of Losing Dental Clinics Due To Funding Cuts

10/07/2015 Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Online)

The future of outback dental clinics in New South Wales, which in some cases provide the only service within 800 kilometres, is in doubt due to a lack of ongoing government funding.

St Mary's Primary School Raises Funds For Dental Equipment In The Solomon Islands

10/07/2015 Ararat Advertiser (Newspaper, Regional Victoria)

Doctor Charlie Reid from the Ararat Dental Clinic paid a visit to a local primary school to show students the dental equipment purchased for donation to the Solomon Islands from the $1000 raised through their fundraising efforts.

Leader Of Business And Community Was A Mentor To Enterprises

11/07/2015 Weekend Australian (Newspaper, National)

After returning from service in World War Two, Rex Lipman went back to school, matriculated, studied dentistry and built up a large practice with his father in Adelaide. His patients included a young Rupert Murdoch.

Dangers In A Nip 'N' Tuck

11/07/2015 Herald Sun (Newspaper, Victoria)

Attitudes have changed since girls were given a visit to the dentist to be fitted with a set of false teeth as a 21st birthday present from their parents.

Inmates Smash All But Their TVs

12/07/2015 Sunday Tasmanian (Newspaper, Tasmania)

A prison riot in Victoria has led to $10 million in damages, including to a medical centre and dentistry area.

Dentistry Off Skilled Jobs List For Migrants

12/07/2015 Canberra Times (Newspaper, Aust. Capital Territory)

An oversupply of Australian trained dentists has resulted in the federal government closing the door to migrants who are skilled in the profession, by taking dentists off the Skilled Occupation List.

Indigenous Voices: A Shining Light In New Health And Advocacy Program

13/07/2015 The Age (Newspaper, Victoria)

Australia’s leading Indigenous academics are heading an initiative within the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences at the University of Melbourne to transform the health landscape for Indigenous Australians.

Dental Program To Keep On Running Out West

17/07/2015 Dubbo Daily Liberal (Newspaper, Regional New South Wales)

The Outback Oral Therapy and Health (TOOTH) program, run by the Royal Flying Doctor Service's South-Eastern Section (RFDS SES), runs dental clinics in western NSW and following months of uncertainty due to the current funding arrangements finishing up, it has been announced that the program will continue.

ADIA Code Of Practice Kicks In 1st July 2015

21/07/2015 Associations (Magazine, National)

The Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) has a new code of practice which was approved by members in November 2014 and comes into force on 1st July 2015.

Address The Shameful Divide Between Cities and Regional Areas

22/07/2015 Hobart Mercury (Newspaper, Tasmania)

The inequities of health outcomes between cities and regional and remote areas are significant and entrenched. The Royal Flying Doctor Service (Tasmania), for example, reported recently that a pilot outreach dental program it ran in the Huon Valley found 30-40 per cent of primary school-aged pupils involved had never seen a dentist.

Adelaide To Spend $58m On Dental Health In State Deal

22/07/2015 The Australian (Newspaper, National)

The University of Adelaide has won back its right to continue training the state’s dentists after it came to a formal 30-year agreement with SA Health. Under the new agreement, the university will spend $58 million of its own money on a dental health facility, with services made available to the community, and operate it in conjunction with the state government.

10 Deadly Sins Of Dental Health

23/07/2015 Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper, South Australia)

You might think a hardbristled brush removes more plaque from your teeth, or that rinsing after brushing delivers a cleaner mouth, but you’d be wrong. The chairman of the Australian Dental Association’s Oral Health Committee, Dr Peter Alldritt, explains 10 common mistakes you’re making with your dental care.

Graduate Job Hopes Sink Back To The 80s

24/07/2015 The Australian (Newspaper, National)

Job prospects for new graduates are the worst they have been since the 1980s, with only 68 per cent of new bachelor graduates in fulltime work within four months of finishing their course. Dentistry graduates had the highest average starting salaries at $75,000.

Looming Dental Therapist Crisis Concern For NZ First

24/07/2015 7 News Online

New Zealand political party New Zealand First says there is a looming shortage of dental therapists in towns and regions across New Zealand.

ALP National Conference: Experts Respond

26/07/2015 The Conversation (Online News)

Following the recent National Conference of the Australian Labor Party, experts in different fields respond to policy objectives raised during the event, including the statement that lack of dental care represents a significant gap in the provision of universal health care.

Dental Industry Seminars & Courses

Maximise Chair-Time Utilisation Masterclass

6/08/2015, Canberra - Software of Excellence

Following the success of our Masterclass series in 2014, our Maximise Chair-Time Utilisation Masterclasses are back again in 2015 and will explore issues in greater depth and with updated statistical research.

By implementing 5 simple steps you can significantly change your practice performance and achieve better patient outcomes.

Our free-to-attend Masterclass qualifies for 2 CPD hours and will examine the drivers of practice revenue and the steps required to increase utilisation.

2016 ADIA Victorian Dental Show

17/06/2016, Melbourne - ADIA Victorian Branch

The 2016 ADIA Victorian Dental show combines a regional trade show with the biennial state convention convened by the Australian Dental Association - Victorian Branch. This important eventis widely recognised as the best state-based dental trade show.

2016 ADIA Victorian Dental Show

17/06/2016, Melbourne - ADIA Victorian Branch

The 2016 ADIA Victorian Dental show combines a regional trade show with the biennial state convention convened by the Australian Dental Association - Victorian Branch. This important eventis widely recognised as the best state-based dental trade show.

2016 ADIA Victorian Dental Show

17/06/2016, Melbourne - ADIA Victorian Branch

The 2016 ADIA Victorian Dental show combines a regional trade show with the biennial state convention convened by the Australian Dental Association - Victorian Branch. This important eventis widely recognised as the best state-based dental trade show.

ADIA New South Wales Branch Christmas Celebration

15/12/2015, Sydney - ADIA New South Wales

The annual ADIA New South Wales Branch Christmas Celebration is a highlight of the year's activities. Come along and celebrate the year's achievements in a social setting with your colleagues in the dental industry.

Endodontic Trouble-Shooting

15/10/2015, St Leonards - ADA CPD

The course is aimed at general practitioners who want first-hand experience in techniques to reduce the incidence of problems to an absolute minimum. This intensive program will be invaluable for clinicians serious about making endodontics an important and growing part of their practice.


ADIA Introduction To Dentistry Course - Sydney

9/10/2015, Sydney - ADIA National Office

For those who have recently gained employment in the Australian dental industry, the ADIA Introduction To Dentistry Course is an excellent program to develop an understanding of dentistry and the many individuals and groups that contribute to oral healthcare. This two day course provides an understanding of how the dental industry and profession work and also builds an understanding of the language, terminology and techniques used in dentistry.

Introductory Orthodontics

19/08/2015, Carlton - Melbourne Dental School

This course is designed to provide an understanding of contemporary orthodontic and dentofacial orthopaedic principles and develop the skills in recognising developing malocclusions. The scope of treatment and appliances that could be part of general practice will be included. The management of various types of malocclusions will be discussed during treatment planning seminars. The practical component of the course is designed to provide an introduction to the appropriate placement of fixed appl

The Exceptional Dentist: Patient Communication

13/08/2015, Auckland - Momentum Management

Build relationships with your patients, create loyalty to your practice and encourage acceptance of comprehensive treatment without selling or pushing. Ticket price is shown in AUD.

ADIA Board of Directors

13/08/2015, Sydney - ADIA National Office

This quarterly meeting of the ADIA Board reviews the strategic direction of the association and reviews performance against key administrative and financial benchmarks.

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