2014 ADIA Parliamentary Meeting —
Strengthening Dental Industry Advocacy

Creating a pro-business environment where the dental industry can grow, create jobs and operate sustainably was the major focus of a meeting in Canberra at Parliament House on 17 June 2014. The dental industry's leadership met with key stakeholders including:

     Assistant Minister for Health
     Minister for Small Business
     Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister
     Shadow Minister for Health
     Shadow Assistant Minister for Health

The meeting was convened by the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA), the peak business organisation representing manufacturers and suppliers of quality dental products.

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Dental Industry News July 2014

ADIA Releases Draft Code For Member Comment

An exposure draft of a new ADIA Code of Practice has been released for member comment. The proposed new code seeks to ensure that decisions made by dentists are based on sound clinical evidence, not driven by incentives or other influences.
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ADIA Services Get Thumbs-up From Members

An assessment of ADIA’s performance has shown extraordinary levels of member satisfaction across all areas of the Association’s operations. The marked improvement from the 2010 survey data has validated the direction set out in the ADIA Strategic Plan.
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Sexual Harassment – Know Where The Line Is

A pioneering campaign supported by the AHRC, ACCI and the ACTU addresses sexual harassment in the workplace and aims to increase understanding about what behaviours constitute sexual harassment and encourage employees to take action.
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Dental Industry Says Ratify The Minamata Convention

ADIA has recommended that the Australian Government ratify the Minamata Convention on Mercury as it will permit the ongoing manufacture and use of dental amalgam within a framework that will reduce overall environmental emissions of mercury.
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Dental Media ― July 2014

HIV Alert Took Six Months

17/07/2014 The Australian (Newspaper, National)

THE HIV-positive dentist in eastern Victoria alerted authorities to his status in January, raising questions about why health officials took so long to alert 399 people potentially exposed to infection. Victorian Health Minister David Davis yesterday defended the response time, saying the investigation into the dentist's work was lengthy, complex and required careful examination.

Research fund losing lustre under scrutiny

23/05/2014 Australian Associated Press (AAP)

There is doubt about whether the world's largest medical research fund will go ahead due to the lack of popularity of its main source of funding, the Medicare co-payment.

Grape news for dentistry

23/05/2014 MX (Magazine, Syd / Mel / Bris)

Red wine and grape seed extract have been found to prevent cavities, a discovery that could lead to natural products to ward off dental disease.

A Bad Budget Bite

24/05/2014 Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper, South Australia)

One of the least talked about cuts in the Budget was the scrapping of $200 million for new dental clinics in regional areas and nursing homes.

Uni fees soar by up to $5700 a year as cuts bite

26/05/2014 Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper, South Australia)

Amid speculation that future degrees will cost as much as $120,000, dentistry, medicine and veterinary science students will be hit with a bill for 38.8 per cent ($3911) extra a year.

Healthy diagnosis

28/05/2014 The Australian (Newspaper, National)

Telstra's e-health business started as a director service for doctors, dentists and allied services, and includes an online booking service. It will be an opt-out model so that everyone’s medical records will be stored on a national register.

Uni cuts 'will hit all our futures'

28/05/2014 The Australian (Newspaper, National)

Student protesters say changes in the budget would undermine the public good stemming from a highly educated population. It has been estimated that degrees in dentistry could cost more than $100,000.

Regenerating teeth: An enlightened approach


Dr David Mooney and his team at Harvard University have found that shining a laser beam will get dentine, the tissue that underlies a tooth's enamel coat, to repair itself.

Abbott's health cheque fails the reality check

3/06/2014 The Age (Newspaper, Victoria)

The Medical Research Fund is a waste of money and nothing more than a political fig leaf to cover the electoral pain of the GP co-payment and the cuts to dental.

Call for mouthguards for sports girls

30/06/2014 Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper, South Australia)

Dentists are calling for sportswomen to wear mouthguards amid what they say is a rise in female sports-related dental injuries. The Australian Dental Association SA branch said it was a myth that only elite male athletes playing contact sport needed mouthguards, and that by shunning protection women risked permanent damage and a lifetime of dental treatment.

Committed to helping the people of New Guinea

3/07/2014 The Age (Newspaper, Victoria)

Jessie Williamson, who gave selfless humanitarian service as a medical missionary in The western portion of the island of New Guinea for 35 years, has died aged 75. She was an excellent nurse, being awarded a Surgical Nurse of the Year prize at the former Footscray District Hospital. She became a triple-certificate nurse and also undertook a short course in dentistry.

More To Retirement Than Just Filing Time

7/07/2014 Daily Telegraph (Newspaper, New South Wales)

Dr Niven, a dentist for 47 years, and his wife were on a holiday climb through Tibet three years ago when their Nepalese tour guide mentioned his village did not have a dentist. The Nivens did not hesitate to offer their services and, a few months later, were on their way to Junbesi, a tiny village on the original route to Mt Everest, with a bag full of dentistry supplies.

Caring for others was her forte

8/07/2014 Sydney Morning Herald (Newspaper, New South Wales)

Over time, Pam Hession became an ambassador for dentistry and Australia. The elegant young girl of the 1950s with the north shore "style" (twin-set and pearls, knee-length skirt and sensible shoes) evolved into the perfectly dressed hostess and mother and accompanied her husband, Reg Hession, around the country and world in his work as a dentist and head of the Academy of Dentistry International - Australasian Section.

Dentistry to property

9/07/2014 Australian Financial Review (Newspaper, National)

Sydney dentist David Penn has set up a new business, Oatley Property Company, with his former employee, Belinda Askew. Askew was an accountant at Southern Cross Dental Laboratories, through which Penn made his millions developing new medical supplies.

$325m for WA regional health

9/07/2014 West Australian (Newspaper, Western Aust.)

Manjimup will get a new $31.4 million hospital to replace the ageing Warren District Hospital as part of a $325.8m regional health spending spree by the WA State Government. The projects include expanded cancer services, dental clinics, pathology facilities, rehabilitation units and outpatient services.

All smiles as dental list empties

11/07/2014 Courier Mail (Newspaper, Queensland)

The Newman Government has completely eliminated Queensland's dental long wait list which had more than 60,000 patients languishing on it just 17 months ago. New figures reveal not a single patient left on the list has been waiting more than two years for treatment while the overall number of people seeking public dental services has fallen 37 per cent to 71,000.

Medical Device Incident Reporting

15/07/2014 ADA News Bulletin (Magazine, Australia)

Dentists and allied oral healthcare professionals are encouraged to report to the TGA adverse events that have involved actual harm to a patient / care giver or could have resulted in harm.

Landmark Advocacy Agenda For The Dental Industry

15/07/2014 Associations (Magazine, National)

The Australian Dental Industry Association has shared its experience in developing its advocacy agenda. Representing dental product manufacturers and suppliers, ADIA makes a positive contribution to the national policy debate across areas as diverse as business taxation, workplace relations and workplace health and safety, in addition to international trade.

Dentist's patients await HIV tests

16/07/2014 The Australian (Newspaper, National)

Hundreds of patients of a dentist in eastern Victoria still need to be tested for HIV infection after the practitioner contracted the virus this year. Fewer than 90 of 399 at-risk patients have been cleared of contracting the virus in regional Bairnsdale after the dentist recently alerted authorities to the presence of HIV in his system.

Patients favour plan for quick HIV tests during visit to dentist

16/07/2014 Canberra Times (Newspaper, Aust. Capital Territory)

Eight out of 10 patients would be willing to get a rapid HIV test during a visit to their dentist. A study to be released at the Sydney University HIV Testing Symposium on Wednesday reveals widespread support for dentists being able to offer HIV testing to patients.

Dental Industry Seminars & Courses

ADIA-SCC Seminars & Conference Committee

17/10/2014, Teleconference - ADIA National Office

The ADIA-SCC Seminars & Conferences Committee sets the program for the biannual ADIA Dental Industry Conference in addition to the program of regional seminars and industry briefings that are held at a state / territory level.

Planning and Coordination of Patient Treatment

16/10/2014, St Leonards - ADA NSW Centre for Professional Development

Most treatment plans that are prescribed for patients are never carried out. Dentists need sound clinical concepts on which to base their treatment plans. Currently patients receive treatment plans which are not understandable or affordable. If you can treatment plan properly, you can predict your dental life and your practice. Participants will learn how to treatment plan and then how to present this to patients, including some communications with patients in difficult circumstances

ADIA-ARC Awards & Recognition Committee

14/10/2014, Teleconference - ADIA National Office

The ADIA-ARC Awards & Recognition Committee establishes programs to promote and recognise excellence within Australia's dental industry that include the Australian Dental Industry Awards, nominations of individuals for honours and ADIA's industry service badges.

ADIA Western Australian Branch Meeting

26/09/2014, ADAWA Office - ADIA Western Australia

This is the only regularly scheduled meeting of Western Australia’s dental industry which allows businesses to receive updates on changes to the commercial, technical and regulatory environment.

Diagnosing & Intercepting Orthodontic Problems

26/09/2014, Brisbane QLD Australia - The University of Queensland, School of Dentistry

This course will cover and discuss the following orthodontic anomalies: anterior crossbites, posterior crossbites and transverse discrepancies, ectopic canines, digit sucking, appropriate use of space maintenance, compromised first permanent molars, missing teeth and Class II and Class III interceptive treatment. This course will update the practitioners knowledge and skills with respect to the diagnosis, interception and management of orthodontic anomalies.

ADIA Victorian AGM Luncheon

17/09/2014, Melbourne - ADIA

This luncheon is a major event in the ADIA calendar and has been held annually for more than twenty-five years. The Annual General Meeting and Luncheon is proudly sponsored by Medfin Finance, and is a great opportunity for you to network with your colleagues in the Australian dental industry. Over lunch Dr David Hancock from the Royal Flying Doctor Service will share his unique personal stories of the Outback Oral Tooth Health trek and Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Advances in Preventative Dentistry

15/09/2014, UQ School of Dentistry, Brisbane - The University of Queensland, School of Dentistry

This course is designed as an update in preventative dentistry for dental practitioners. The topics are divided into two groups so that that those of greater interest to oral health therapists, dental therapists and dental hygienists are in the morning, and those for dental prosthetists are in the afternoon, however the subject matter is of interest and relevance to all dental clinical team members. All content is relevant to dentists.

2014 Victorian Dental Show

22/08/2014 - ADIA

If you are a dentist or allied oral healthcare professional, be sure to attend the 2014 Victorian Dental Show.

This is your opportunity to meet more than thirty local suppliers of quality dental equipment who are there to introduce you to the latest products from Australia and overseas. There is no charge for admission so bring along your entire team and find out what’s new and discuss you needs with the leading local suppliers of quality dental products.


In-Office Whitening for Dental Practitioners

16/08/2014, Brisbane QLD Australia - The University of Queensland, School of Dentistry

There are particular aspects that must be addressed for completing in-office whitening procedures safely and for maximal effectiveness, independent of the brand or system used. These issues are addressed fully in the Dental Board of Australia approved course which is objective and evidence-based in nature and not aligned to any manufacturer or supplier. The hands-on clinical component is undertaken in small groups and the course includes a written examination.


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