ADIA Meets With Health, Environment &
Foreign Affairs Ministers To Secure Reform

As the peak representative body for suppliers of quality dental products our policy is developed by, and on behalf of, members in pursuit of a vibrant dental industry where government supports business growth and workplace innovation whilst removing excessive and sometimes redundant regulation.  To secure reforms to achieve such an environment, this month ADIA has met with a number of senior Ministers.

Issues discussed include dealing with dental products imported via the internet then supplied illegally, the Minamata Convention on Mercury and how public sector e-procurement disadvantages many small and medium-sized businesses.

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Dental Industry News October 2014

Applications Open For DBA Appointments

Applications are now sought for appointments to upcoming vacancies for Chair, practitioner members and community members to the Dental Board of Australia.
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TGA Releases Half-Yearly Performance Report

The latest TGA Half-Yearly Performance Report shows that the regulator has achieved a drop in outstanding conformity assessment applications, but an increase in outstanding investigations associated with alleged breaches of the legislation.
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Victorian Man Pleads Guilty To Pretending To Be A Registered Dentist

A Victorian man has pleaded guilty to 12 counts of carrying out dental acts that are restricted by law and one count of pretending to be a registered dentist.
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Scholarship For Women In International Business

Nominations are now open for the 2015 Beryl Wilson Austrade Scholarship for Women in International Business, a scholarship honouring Australia’s first female trade commissioner, Beryl Wilson, and valued up to $40,000.
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Dental Media ― October 2014

Adelaide Public Dental Clinic Facing Federal Funding Doubt

19/10/2014 7 News Online

The Light Square clinic in Adelaide was set up with government grants, support from the Australian Dental Research Foundation and significant donations from medical companies, but health changes announced in this year's federal budget have put its future in doubt.

Small Expressions Make A Big Difference

22/09/2014 Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper, South Australia)

Paediatric Dental Department head Associate Professor Sam Gue has won a US$10,000 grant from Wrigley Company Foundation and the Australian Dental Association Foundation to continue development of an app to help young patients express their feelings.

Freedom On Fees To See $48k Degrees

23/09/2014 The Australian (Newspaper, National)

The University of Western Australia (UWA) will be the first university to set fees under the Australian Government's new deregulation plan. As a Group of Eight university, the move will set the benchmark for the rest of Australia's elite universities.

UWA Cap Isn't All That Small After All

24/09/2014 The Australian (Newspaper, National)

Columnist Julie Hare argues that the UWA announcement on changes to its fees following government deregulation means hefty increases on all faculty subjects. Among others, Hare points out that the increases mean a 58 percent increase in course costs for dentistry students.

Price Of Fitness: A Smile To Run From

26/09/2014 The Australian (Newspaper, National)

Dentists at Heidelberg University Hospital in Germany believe the very act of exercising could ruin your smile. Their study has indicated that the longer athletes train each week, the more likely they are to have tooth rot or fillings.

Profile: Dr Angelo Lazaris

27/09/2014 Sydney Morning Herald (Newspaper, New South Wales)

Dr Angelo Lazaris, a cosmetic and aesthetic dentist, is profiled in the Sydney Morning Herald on using his digital SLR camera for better outcomes in cosmetic dentistry.

Feds Push Dental Project Wait

30/09/2014 Latrobe Valley Express (Newspaper, Regional Victoria)

Federal funding for the Latrobe Valley's $6.7 million dental lab project will not be made available until mid 2015, despite the project being in limbo since the federal election.

Dutton Slams Double Standards

1/10/2014 Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper, South Australia)

Federal Health Minister, Peter Dutton, accused South Australian Health Minister Jack Snelling and Premier Jay Weatherill of “gross hypocrisy” over their criticisms of the Federal Government's GP copayments plan, as SA Health charges co-payments of up to $149 for dental services. The wording for the SA Health charge was changed from “co-payment” to “client fees” in 2013.

Scalpel Taken To Hospitals

1/10/2014 Hobart Mercury (Newspaper, Tasmania)

The latest AIHW report on health expenditure shows Tasmanian state total spending on health has dropped from $844 million in 2011-12 to $653 million in 2012-13. This includes dental service funding in Tasmania falling from $44 million to $40 million.

Adelaide Run Operation Up For A Tender Extraction

1/10/2014 The Australian (Newspaper, National)

THE University of South Australia will tender for the contract to operate Adelaide’s dental hospital, which has been run by the University of Adelaide for the past 100 years. The tender proposal includes partnering with University College London, which runs the Eastman Dental Institute in London, the largest dental research and teaching facility in Europe.

Informing Fee And Fair Debate

1/10/2014 The Australian (Newspaper, National)

Following media attention on UWA's plans for course fee changes under the government's deregulation proposal, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education) Alec Cameron responds here and comments that the pricing of professional postgraduate degrees such as dentistry are still a work in progress.

Signing Up For A One-Way Ticket To Mars

5/10/2014 Sunday Age (Newspaper, Victoria)

Australian woman Dianne McGrath is on the shortlist for the Mars One program, a project aiming to land on Mars and create a permanent settlement there. If successful, Dianne will spend the next eight or nine years in training to be able to survive, learning skills such as dentistry, medical procedures, and how to maintain the solar panels.

Rebecca Now Paying Painful Price Of Piercing

8/10/2014 Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper, South Australia)

Rebecca Bell of Adelaide paid $50 for a tongue piercing. Following complications and infections, she's now had to pay thousands of dollars for dental and oral repair.

All Smiles At Murray Bridge Clinic's Official Opening

8/10/2014 Murray Valley Standard (Newspaper, Regional South Australia)

South Australian State Health Minister Jack Snelling has travelled to Murray Bridge to open a new public dental clinic. The $3.8 million facility, which opened on July 14, includes six dental surgeries, an intra-oral radiology facility, and equipment sterilisation area.

Hockey Positive About Market Despite Falls

12/10/2014 Hobart Mercury (Newspaper, Tasmania)

Following around $34 billion being wiped from the Australian share market on Friday, Treasurer Joe Hockey called for more optimism, saying there was a positive mood about global growth at IMF and G20 meetings he had attended in Washington.

Tassie Dental Crisis

12/10/2014 Sunday Tasmanian (Newspaper, Tasmania)

Almost 15,000 people are currently on Tasmania's general-care waiting list for dental services. The number of adults has grown 3.8 per cent although the average waiting time for public dentistry had fallen from 26 months last year to 18 months this year.

We Can't Handle The Tooth

13/10/2014 Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper, South Australia)

Modern dental care has come a long way. Dental history shows that people were on to the idea of treating teeth around 7000BC. If you were unlucky enough to be born in the wrong place and time, you might have suffered tooth extraction as a punishment.

Building On Experience: Aboriginal Students Engaged In Indigenous Health Research

13/10/2014 The Age (Newspaper, Victoria)

The Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Science at the University of Melbourne has Aboriginal students across all schools each mobilising change in their respective fields of health. Recognising previous work experience in the field has assisted to bring more Indigenous students to learn specialist skills and enable them to slowly change the health landscape for their communities.

Smile please, a new Calwell dentist has arrived

17/10/2014 Canberra Times (Newspaper, Aust. Capital Territory)

Years of lobbying for a dental practice in the southern Canberra suburb of Calwell has finally paid off, with the new practice being opened by the ACT Minister for Community Services, Mick Gentleman, this week.

Tooth and Justice

18/10/2014 The Global Economist (Magazine, International)

The North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners (NCBDE) is taking their case against unregistered practitioners providing teeth whitening services to the American Supreme Court.

Dental Industry Seminars & Courses

Aesthetic Sculpting of Composite Resin

24/10/2014, Yarra Valley Lodge - Ivoclar Vivadent

Day 1: Lecture Program This lecture will focus on aspects related to delivering free-handed composite resin bonded restorations for both anterior and posterior teeth. Day 2: Full Day Hands-On Program Posterior Teeth - The participants will be instructed on how to produce an aesthetic class I composite restoration on a molar in the typodont. Anterior Teeth - The goal of the anterior hands-on component is to work on both central incisors of the typodont and obtain perfect symmetry.

ADIA Introduction To Dentistry Course

9/10/2015, Sydney - ADIA National Office

For those who have recently gained employment in the Australian dental industry, the ADIA Introduction To Dentistry Course is an excellent program to develop an understanding of dentistry and the many individuals and groups that contribute to oral healthcare. This two day course provides an understanding of how the dental industry and profession work and also builds an understanding of the language, terminology and techniques used in dentistry.

Medical Emergency Certification Training

11/02/2015, St Leonards, NSW - ADA CPD

This hands-on program leads to certification in Advanced Life Support for dentists and staff. The training is designed to provide the practitioner and their support staff with a simple algorithm for the management of medical emergencies within the practice. Participants will learn about the most common life threatening medical conditions, how to recognise them and how to conduct a quick and accurate clinical assessment and lead the practice team in providing effective treatment. 

ADIA New South Wales Branch Meeting

11/12/2014 - ADIA New South Wales

The ADIA New South Wales Branch Christmas Celebration is a great opportunity to reflect on the achievement of ADIA this year and catch up with your industry colleagues in a social setting over canapes and beverages.

ADIA New South Wales Branch Meeting

11/12/2014 - ADIA New South Wales

The ADIA New South Wales Branch Christmas Celebration is a great opportunity to reflect on the achievement of ADIA this year and catch up with your industry colleagues in a social setting over canapes and beverages.

ADIA New South Wales Branch Meeting

11/12/2014 - ADIA New South Wales

The ADIA New South Wales Branch Christmas Celebration is a great opportunity to reflect on the achievement of ADIA this year and catch up with your industry colleagues in a social setting over canapes and beverages.

ADIA New South Wales Branch Meeting

11/12/2014, Sydney - ADIA New South Wales

The ADIA New South Wales Branch Christmas Celebration is a great opportunity to reflect on the achievement of ADIA this year and catch up with your industry colleagues in a social setting over canapes and beverages.

ADIA Queensland Branch Meeting & Christmas Party

2/12/2014, Brisbane - ADIA Queensland

The ADIA Queensland Branch Christmas Celebration is a great opportunity to reflect on the achievement of ADIA this year and catch up with your industry colleagues in a social setting. This event will be held in conjunction with the quarterly ADIA Queensland Branch Meeting. At the conclusion of the meeting guests will be served a catered lunch.

Advanced Clinical and General Photography

12/11/2014, St Leonards - ADA NSW Centre for Professional Development

This is an advanced course for dentists and staff with some understanding and experience of digital photography, who wish to expand their skills in the taking of photographs and the manipulation of digital images.
The course will review all aspects of clinical photography, from the technical aspects to the psychology of photos as decision drivers for patients. You will learn in depth about composition, exposure and light, and become confident taking beautiful pictures in any environment.

Impressions, Study Models & Medicament Trays

6/11/2014, Brisbane QLD Australia - The University of Queensland, School of Dentistry

This course will provide dental assistants with additional knowledge and skills in the taking of preliminary alginate dental impressions. Clinical techniques and procedures will be demonstrated and participants will work in groups and will have the opportunity to take upper and lower alginate impressions, and then pour up diagnostic study models in the laboratory. Information and instruction will also be provided on the construction of custom fabricated medicament trays and bleaching trays.

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