ADIA Meets With Health, Environment &
Foreign Affairs Ministers To Secure Reform

As the peak representative body for suppliers of quality dental products our policy is developed by, and on behalf of, members in pursuit of a vibrant dental industry where government supports business growth and workplace innovation whilst removing excessive and sometimes redundant regulation.  To secure reforms to achieve such an environment, this month ADIA has met with a number of senior Ministers.

Issues discussed include dealing with dental products imported via the internet then supplied illegally, the Minamata Convention on Mercury and how public sector e-procurement disadvantages many small and medium-sized businesses.

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Dental Industry News December 2014

Medical Device R&D Investment Spurs Growth

Australian medical device manufacturers working toward business growth and sustainability will find a new Department of Industry report highlighting the benefits of research and development an invaluable tool in planning for growth and development.
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ADIA President’s Award Goes To Trade Show Leader, Simon Taggart

Mr Simon Taggart of A-dec Australia has received the 2014 ADIA President's Service Award in recognition of his leadership of the ADIA-DEC Dental Exhibitions Committee and efforts to deliver the ADX Sydney dental exhibition.
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DBA Updates Botox Position

The Dental Board of Australia (DBA) has withdrawn its Interim policy - use of botulinum toxin (botox).
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Oral Cancer Progression Research Receives Grant

Professor Camile Farah and Dr Maryam Jessri from the University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research have been granted the 2014 ADIA Research Award, that will progress their research into potentially malignant lesions before they develop into cancer
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Dental Media ― December 2014

John Howard's Advice To CSU Orange Students: "Stand Together"

17/12/2014 Central Western Daily (Newspaper, Regional New South Wales)

Former Prime Minister John Howard visited the Orange campus of Charles Sturt University on Tuesday to inspect the dentistry facilities his government helped to fund - for its contribution, he was named doctor of the university. However, in accepting what he called an “exceptional honour”, Mr Howard said he could not address the students without acknowledging the events in Sydney earlier that morning, which left three people dead.

This Should Leave You Smiling

25/11/2014 Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper, South Australia)

Lidums Dental in Adelaide is realising a vision to build the ultimate centre of excellence in dentistry for people demanding better quality and health outcomes. Dr Lidums, a prosthodontist, wanted to establish a dental centre that would improve patient experience, and ultimately, improve their health and quality of life.

#VicVotes: So Many Health Promises, So Little Vision

27/11/2014 Crikey (Online, National)

In a contribution to the Crikey health blog, Dr Christine Walker of the Chronic Illness Alliance notes that in the promises being made by candidates for the Victorian election, mental health figures well in all promises across Greens, Labor and the Coalition; however only the Greens recognise the need for more funding for dental services.

Health Clinic Upgrade Goes To Tender

29/11/2014 Northern Territory News (Newspaper, Darwin)

Kaltukatjara health clinic in Central Australia is to be upgraded, with upgrades to include provision of an emergency room, a new dental clinic and children's consultation room.

Red Tape No Panacea For Investor Ignorance

30/11/2014 Sunday Mail (Newspaper, Queensland)

Columnist Noel Whittaker argues that governments cannot protect consumers, despite good intentions, by increasing red tape. He says all the red tape in the world can’t protect investors from loss and that financial education coupled with an understanding of risk and reward are the key ingredient.

Praise For Indigenous Dental Clinic

2/12/2014 Blue Mountains Gazette (Newspaper, Regional New South Wales)

The positive work being achieved by Katoomba Hospital's Aboriginal dental health initiative has been acknowledged by New South Wales state MPs Roza Sage and Assistant Health Minister and Minister For Mental Health Jai Rowell.

Small Improvement In Indigenous Dental Health: Report

2/12/2014 Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Online)

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has released a report on the federally funded Stronger Futures program, which offers preventative dental programs such as fluoride varnish and fissure sealants, as well as clinical services such as check ups, fillings and extractions.

Uni To Foot Dental Bill

3/12/2014 Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper, South Australia)

Up to 50,000 extra public patients will be treated at a new dental school to be opened next to the new Royal Adelaide Hospital in 2017, being funded by the University of Adelaide.

Dropouts Should Cost Unis

3/12/2014 The Australian (Newspaper, National)

In speaking about Labor's plans for universities, opposition higher education spokesman Kim Carr noted his concern about an oversupply of dental and veterinary science graduates, and pitched alternative policy aimed at focussing the demand-driven system of uncapped places.

The Summer I Tried To Turn Pro

5/12/2014 Courier Mail (Newspaper, Queensland)

Before Mel Buttle became a well-known Australian comedian, she spent her teenage years trying to decide between a career as a professional surfer or a dentist.

Mythbusters Reveal What Its Really Like

6/12/2014 Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper, South Australia)

Know what you're in for before you choose a career. Statistics show that the common career choices for teenagers leaving school, such as chef, lawyer or nurse, have some of the highest dropout rates. Meanwhile, a starting salary for a lawyer is around $55,000, while other academic fields fare better, such as dentistry ($80,000) and engineering ($64,000).

Dentists Look To Use Botox For Cosmetic Purposes As Board Pulls Reviews Interim Policy

6/12/2014 Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Online)

ABC Perth reports on the use of botox and dermal fillers by dentists in Western Australia. The Dental Board has removed its interim policy on the use of Botox from its website while it undertakes a review but was unable to say when that would be completed.

My Crazy Rules: TV Chef Cops Big Serve

7/12/2014 Sunday Telegraph (Newspaper, New South Wales)

Celebrity chef Pete Evans, currently starring on My Kitchen Rules, has met with advocacy group "Fluoride Free," which claims that fluoride tap water is unethical and leads to disease, to discuss 'ideas.'

A Trend To Get Your Teeth Into

7/12/2014 Sunday Telegraph (Newspaper, New South Wales)

Experts are reporting that orthodontists are having to turn away children eager to have braces before they're ready, with parents seeing the work as a worthy investment. Trends are also showing that adults are increasingly turning to orthodontics, with twenty percent of adult dental patients now having some sort of orthodontic work being done.

Lab Tested Therapy

7/12/2014 Courier Mail (Newspaper, Queensland)

Under Queensland state legislation, certified assistant dogs are now on the same legal footing as guide dogs. Only surgical procedure rooms, including dental surgeries, can ban them.

Medicare Rewrite Shifts Slug To Doctors

10/12/2014 West Australian (Newspaper, Western Aust.)

The Coalition has replaced the proposal for the $7 GP co-payment with a rebate for doctors, which would require doctors to decide which non-concessional patients will pay an optional co-payment, forecast to generate $800 million over four years.

Caboolture Woman Resorts To Selling Chocolate Crackles To Beat Long Public Dental Waiting Lists

11/12/2014 Quest Community Newspapers (Newspaper, Regional Queensland)

A Queensland woman, unable to bear the pain while having to wait for surgery on her wisdom tooth, has resorted to a private surgical extraction and is now planning to sell chocolate crackles door to door in an effort to pay for it.

Results Arrive And Thousands Ponder Future

14/12/2014 The Age (Newspaper, Victoria)

ATAR results have come in for Victoria's Year 12 students, and for individuals contemplating their future, health science degrees in medicine, dentistry and physiotherapy remain the more competitive fields to get into.

'Soft' Kids A Knockout For Dentists

14/12/2014 Sunday Mail (Newspaper, Queensland)

A trend toward children being given a general anaesthetic for routine dental procedures such as fillings means parents are facing treatment bills in excess of $1000 so their child doesn't have to have any pain or anxiety.

La Trobe Academic Wins International Award

17/12/2014 Bendigo Advertiser (Newspaper, Regional Victoria)

In recognition of his work promoting oral health amongst children in Nepal, La Trobe Rural Health School’s Ron Knevel has won this year’s Social Responsibility Award from the Global Child Dental Fund (GCDF) and the International Federation of Dental Hygienists, (IFDH).

Dental Industry Seminars & Courses

ADIA Western Australian Branch Meeting

6/02/2015, Perth - ADIA Western Australian Branch

The ADIA Western Australian branch meeting allows for employees of member businesses to come together to discuss changes to the local commercial and regulatory environment.

Advanced Clinical and General Photography

18/11/2015, St Leonards - ADA CPD

This is an advanced course for dentists and staff with some understanding and experience of digital photography, who wish to expand their skills in the taking of photographs and the manipulation of digital images.

2015 ADIA Queensland Dental Show

23/10/2015, Brisbane - ADIA Queensland Branch

It's back - Queensland's largest state-based dental event is returning. Over 23-24 October 2015 come to the Royal International Convention Centre to meet the leading local suppliers of the latest products from Australia and overseas.

The Exceptional Hygienist / Therapist

17/10/2015, Melbourne - Momentum Management

Discover how to transform your hygiene / therapy department into the heart of your practice. 

Australasian Osseointegration Society Conference

14/10/2015, Canberra - Australasian Osseointegration Society

This distinctive event is an international meeting of world class standard with highly respected speakers who mix clinical knowledge and ground-braking new techniques with solid scientific background. The event will provide something for everyone: dentists, technicians, hygienists and staff, with multiple parallel sessions, oral presentations, training workshops, and a large exhibition with all the global leading companies offering the latest products and technological innovations.  

AesthetiCon 2015

3/09/2015, Sydney - Australasian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics (AADFA)

"AesthetiCon" is the region's first dental conference/exhibition focussed solely on dento-facial aesthetics. Designed to be as entertaining as it is educational, AesthetiCon features an unrivalled line-up of international/local talent, delivering spell-binding presentations, the likes of which have never been seen in the region before. In 2015 AesthetiCon's "CIRCUS" themed extravaganza will be held amongst the glitz and glamour of Australia's premier entertainment destination - THE STAR.

Medical Emergency Certification Training

31/07/2015, St Leonards - ADA CPD

This hands-on program leads to certification in Advanced Life Support for dentists and staff. The training is designed to provide the practitioner and their support staff with a simple algorithm for the management of medical emergencies within the practice.
Participants will learn about the most common life threatening medical conditions, how to recognise them and how to conduct a quick and accurate clinical assessment and lead the practice team in providing effective treatment.


ADIA-ISC Industry Skills Committee Meeting

2/06/2015, Teleconference - ADIA National Office

This meeting of the ADIA-ISC Industry Skills Committee will review dental industry skills needs to address skills shortages in addition to overseeing upcoming of courses and seminars that the ADIA delivers nationally.

Dynamic New Silanated Fibres

17/04/2015, Maitland - ADA CPD

This course will provide scientific and clinical information with a “Hands-on” experience using fibre reinforced endontic posts, posterior and anterior fibre reinforced restorative materials and techniques to create aesthetic and high strength restorations.
Anterior and posterior fibre reinforced bridges will be demonstrated with material handling and clinical experience combining to ensure the successful outcome.


Four Handed Dentistry for the Dental team

18/02/2015, St Leonards, NSW - ADA CPD

This program will provide training for the dental team to help them work together in a productive and efficient way. It will demonstrate how to lessen fatigue, stress levels, improve posture and to work together as a cohesive team. It will also improve the dental assistant anticipation of procedures. Participants will be shown how to make minimum movements throughout the procedure to facilitate four handed dentistry. 

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