2015 Tax Discussion Paper And Reforms
To Support Australia's Dental Industry

Businesses across the dental industry are being encouraged to think about Australia’s taxation system, the need for reform and what this may look like. This important opportunity stems from the release by the Australian Government of a discussion paper on tax reform.

The ADIA-BAC Business Affairs Committee is liaising to member businesses to ensure tax reform produces an environment which allows businesses across the dental industry to grow, create jobs and operate sustainably.

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Dental Industry News August 2015

ADIA Represented At National Reform Summit

Productivity and workplace participation was a major focus of the National Reform Summit that took place this week, where the interests of the dental industry were represented as a direct outcome of ADIA’s affiliation with ACCI.
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Consultation On Superannuation Guarantee Charges

Businesses in the dental industry, particularly small businesses, are invited to offer their views on changes to the Australian Government’s superannuation guarantee charge, which are intended to simplify and reduce the harshness of the charge on business
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ADX16 Sydney Exhibition Prospectus Released

It’s not often that a single event generates excitement across the dental industry, but that’s exactly what happened with the release of the exhibition prospectus for ADX16 Sydney, Australia’s premier dental event.
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ADIA Backs Calls To Harmonise Free Trade Agreements

In advice to a parliamentary enquiry, ADIA has supported calls to harmonise free trade agreements in order to ensure that business is able to derive maximum benefit that includes access to new markets for locally manufactured products.
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Dental Media ― August 2015

Huge Milestone For Ungooroo

28/08/2015 The Singleton Argus (Newspaper, Regional New South Wales)

Indigenous children in Singleton can now receive free dental care thanks to a partnership between Ungooroo Aboriginal Corporation, Glencore and the Poche Centre of Indigenous Health.

ALP National Conference: Experts Respond

26/07/2015 The Conversation (Online News)

Following the recent National Conference of the Australian Labor Party, experts in different fields respond to policy objectives raised during the event, including the statement that lack of dental care represents a significant gap in the provision of universal health care.

New plans add $450m to budget

27/07/2015 The Australian (Newspaper, National)

Plans discussed at the ALP National Conference included motions in support of protecting Medicare and moving towards universal dental healthcare.

2015 ADIA WA Dental Show Interest Builds.

29/07/2015 Australasian Dental Practice (Trade Publication)

Across Western Australia's dental community excitement is building for the 2015 ADIA Western Australian Dental Show to be held next week. This boutique regional trade show is convened by the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA), the peak business organisation representing manufacturers and suppliers of dental products.

'Pause Button' Lifted On Health Reform

30/07/2015 Australian Financial Review (Newspaper, National)

Christine Bennett, whose 2009 health system review got bogged in the chaos of the Labor government, says Health Minister Sussan Ley is progressing with key changes advocated by the review.

Pearly Whites And Pharmacy

3/08/2015 Australian Journal of Pharmacy (Trade Publication, National)

The high cost of dental work often means pharmacy can fill the gap when it comes to helping people ease the pain of their next dental visit. Here's how dental care and pharmacy intersect.

Open Wide To Thrive

3/08/2015 Retail Pharmacy (Trade Publication, National)

The mouth is a very accessible window to future health problems, and every customer visiting a pharmacy, regardless of age, should be encouraged to visit a dentist regularly.

Sport Drink Blamed For Tooth Decay

3/08/2015 Courier Mail (Newspaper, Queensland)

Sports drinks are being blamed for contributing to a “silent epidemic” of tooth erosion in Queensland, according to the Australian Dental Association

Diagnosis Rosy For Online Health Service

3/08/2015 The Age (Newspaper, Victoria)

A new website and accompanying mobile app has been launched which provides users with discounted initial consultation fees and further treatments for dentists and other allied healthcare providers.

Parents Urged To Act On Tooth Decay Fears

3/08/2015 The Australian (Newspaper, National)

Queensland’s Chief Dental Officer, Mark Brown, is concerned that 80 per cent of children in the state do not see a dentist before the age of two, as recommended. His comments came as advocates for the Rethink Sugary Drink campaign urged parents to consider the sugar content of drinks given to children.

Hey Sport, You're Drinking 12 Teaspoons Of Sugar

4/08/2015 Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper, South Australia)

Sugar-rich sports drinks put teeth at risk and a national survey of 1262 people who considered themselves “active” or parents of “active” children has shown that just over half of the respondents were unaware of the damage the drinks can do.

Sports Drink A Day Keeps The Dentist In Pay

4/08/2015 Daily Telegraph (Newspaper, New South Wales)

Dentists are warning about the dangers of sports drinks after new research found the popular thirst quenchers, if consumed daily, can begin eroding your teeth in less than a week.

Sport Drink Dental Fail

4/08/2015 Herald Sun (Newspaper, Victoria)

The Australian Dental Association says many people are unaware that sports drinks are just as bad as soft drinks when it comes to the sugar content and acidity.

$2B Life Line

5/08/2015 Herald Sun (Newspaper, Victoria)

The upgraded Royal Melbourne Hospital will also house Melbourne University’s Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Services, which is currently spread across 20 buildings.

Medical Profession Takes Up Private Health Insurance Protests

19/08/2015 Australasian Dental Practice (Trade Publication)

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has taken up the warnings of the Australian Dental Association (ADA) regarding the increasing threat to quality healthcare that for-profit private health insurers pose to the Australian community.

Sun, Sea & Jobs In $34m Victor Venture

19/08/2015 Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper, South Australia)

A new $34 million “wellness” precinct planned for the Victor Harbour region will feature allied health care facilities which will be designed for services such as dentistry, physiotherapy, massage, chiropractic, optometry and radiology.

1300 Smiles (ONT) $7.09

19/08/2015 The Australian (Newspaper, National)

1300 SMILES no longer has the rarity value of being the only listed dental player, after this year’s listing of the bigger Pacific Smiles (PSQ, $2.40). But it continues to perform as it yesterday posted a 32 per cent net profit rise to $6.6m, on revenue of $36m (up 15 per cent).

Health Insurance: Why Should You Have It And What Should You Look For

24/08/2015 Courier Mail (Newspaper, Queensland)

This article covers the pros and cons of private health insurance for specific age considerations: Gen Y, Gen X, Boomers and Retirees and covers considerations for "optional extras" such as dentistry.

Sports Drinks

24/08/2015 Canberra Times (Newspaper, Aust. Capital Territory)

A letter to the editor of the Canberra Times from the CEO of the Australian Beverages Council following the Australian Dental Association's recent campaign highlighting the risks to dental and oral health from excessive consumption of sports drinks.

Lower Price Could Mean Lower Salt

28/08/2015 The Australian (Newspaper, National)

Salt and sugar content is under the radar lately following consumer-aimed campaigns to bring these levels of content to the public's attention. A recent campaign has focussed on not confusing "sports drinks" with "healthy drinks" due to the high level of sugar they contain.

Dental Industry Seminars & Courses

Best Practice Phone Skills

1/09/2015, Brisbane - Prime Practice

Mishandling phone enquiries could be costing you thousands of dollars!
Maximise conversion of phone calls to patients: Build trust and form a relationship before your patient even meets the dentist and treat each phone call like the potential value it represents
Optimise phone conversations: Prepare your patients by improving communications over the phone; deal with difficult patients and learn how to take control of conversations with telephone shoppers.


2016 ADIA Victorian Dental Show

17/06/2016, Melbourne - ADIA Victorian Branch

The 2016 ADIA Victorian Dental show combines a regional trade show with the biennial state convention convened by the Australian Dental Association - Victorian Branch. This important eventis widely recognised as the best state-based dental trade show.

ADX16 Sydney

18/03/2016, Sydney - ADIA National Office

Recognised by dentists and allied oral healthcare professions as an event that allows them to see more, buy more and learn more, the ADX16 Sydney dental exhibition has a well-deserved reputation as the must-attend event for Australia's entire dental community. 

ADIA Western Australian Christmas Celebration

11/12/2015, Perth - ADIA Western Australian Branch

The ADIA Western Australian Christmas Celebration is a great opportunity to catch up with your industry colleagues in a social setting and reflect on the achievements of ADIA during the year. Ticket price includes a three course lunch with some refreshments, but places are limited so register now to confirm your seat.

Primespeak Seminar

9/12/2015, Sydney - Prime Practice

Learn how to present treatment options and get your patients to make informed decisions while building trust and long lasting relationships.
Primespeak Seminar’s success has been due to its ability to support participants to: remove any perception of sales pressure; increase patient ownership of their dental conditions; bridge the gap between what a patient thinks they need and what you think they need; take the stress out of com

ADIA-MSC Membership Services Committee

17/11/2015, Teleconference - ADIA National Office

This meeting of the ADIA-MSC Membership Services Committee will review the structure and benefits of ADIA membership to provide the Board with recommendations on new services to support member businesses across all aspects of their operations.  

The Total Bridge Experience

14/11/2015, St Leonards - ADA New South Wales Branch

Praveen will cover the fundamentals of the conventional 3 unit bridge as well as Cantilever, Maryland and all-ceramic bridge options plus, also review the various bridge material offerings available. Difficult scenarios like tilted abutments, location of attachments, and mobile teeth will also be discussed. Soft tissue management, temporisation, all vital parts of the prosthodontic process will be reviewed and practiced.

TGA Basics - Dental Regulation Course (Melbourne)

20/10/2015, South Yarra - ADIA

Supplying dental products in the Australian market isn't straight-forward and the Therapeutic Goods Administration places several requirements on manufacturers and suppliers. This course module will strengthen your career in the dental industry by introducing the work of the TGA and key regulatory concepts - it provides the knowledge to explain to your team members and customers the broad legal framework in which dental products are supplied.

The Exceptional Hygienist / Therapist

17/10/2015, Melbourne - Momentum Management

Discover how to transform your hygiene / therapy department into the heart of your practice. 

The Exceptional Practice Manager

13/10/2015, Brisbane - Momentum Management

Learn clear and practical solutions for immediate implementations in your practice. Staff will learn how to manage finances, budgets and KPIs; Effectively manage and motivate staff; Handle conflictl Efficiently manage schedules and workloads; Implement marketing campaigns; Lead and develop a strong team. 

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