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ADIA Honour Roll

For more than ninety years, the success and continued growth of the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) can be attributed to the significant contribution by key leaders who have volunteered so much of their time to advance the interests of the Association and its members. To ensure that the commitment of these individuals is both recognised and not forgotten, ADIA has a long-standing honours system that is internationally renowned and respected.

ADIA Life Membership

This is the highest honour that the ADIA Board can bestow upon an individual. ADIA Life Members have volunteered a considerable part of both their working and personal lives to the development of a strong industry association, often at a personal and commercial cost. The following individuals have received the highest award the ADIA Board is able to bestow:

ADIA Life Members -

1983  Colin W Cormis OBE
1983  Sydney Jensen
1983  Charles A Harris OAM
1986  Donald R Blackie
1989  Edward M Donovan
1989  Peter J Martin
1995  Axel Buchner
1995  Ian Hughes
1998  Ian S Anderson
2001  Armin A Roth
2004  Ferd Gritter
2004  Ian Crawford
2006  Keith Mentiplay
2015  Pamela Clark AO
2018  Nigel Davis AM

ADIA Meritorious Service Award

The ADIA Meritorious Service Award is the second highest honour that the Association can bestow. It recognises, celebrates, and thanks the individuals who make a difference by supporting the work of the Association for the benefit of its members. Under guidelines published and periodically revised by the ADIA Board, recipients must have been employed by a member for more than a decade and rendered service to the Association for the same period. Above all, they must be widely recognised for their professionalism and high ethical standards. Past recipients of the ADIA Meritorious Service Award include:

ADIA Meritorious Service Award -

1986  Edward Caldwell
1986  Peter Martin
1989  Colin Wall
1992  Ian Hughes
1992  Geoff Robinson
1992  Graham Rogers
1994  Sydney Kaye
1997  James (Jim) Turrill
1998  Ian Crawford
1998  Ferd Gritter
2001  Armin Roth
2001  Rodney Anderson
2008  Phillip Jolly
2010  Nigel Davis AM
2013  Pamela Clark AO

ADIA President's Award

The ADIA President's Award criterion requires recipients to have made a contribution that spans at least three years, including the year in which the award is bestowed. They should have made an exceptional contribution that sets themselves apart from the services rendered each year by the many employees of ADIA member businesses that support the Association's activities. 

ADIA President's Award -

2013  Sandy Junior - Aceton Australia-New Zealand
2014  Simon Taggart - A-dec Australia
2015  Greg Whiteley - Whiteley Corporation
2016  Trevor Martin - Gunz Dental
2018  Ian Shapland - Elite Fitout Solutions

The ADIA President's Award is augmented by other honours including the ADIA Meritorious Service Award and ADIA Life Membership, both of which recognise long-standing and significant contributions to not only ADIA, but the broader dental industry.

Further Information

ADIA and the broader dental industry have benefited greatly from the time, energy and services freely given by these individuals. The success that ADIA continues to enjoy in policy advocacy, publication of industry statistics and trade shows can be largely attributed to the contribution that these individuals have made.

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