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Stakeholder Engagement

The Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) is recognised by stakeholders across industry associations, dental professional groups, the broader healthcare sector and Government as the peak business organisation representing manufacturers and suppliers of quality dental products. In this context, ADIA constructively engages with stakeholders on matters of shared interest. 

At all times, ADIA represents the interests of its members and the dental industry more broadly. The ADIA Strategic Plan has a vision for an industry that empowers oral health professionals to advance the health and well-being of all Australians. To do this, ADIA develops and maintains relationships to share information, skills, and experience with a diverse range of external stakeholders.

  • Australian Government departments and agencies
  • Business, professional and industry associations
  • Dental community professionals
  • Health sector industry associations and consumers groups

Further Information

If you have an interest in ADIA's work at a parliamentary and departmental level to secure the policy reforms that support businesses in the dental industry, subscribe to the ADIA database for regular updates. Alternatively, you can contact the Association via email or by telephone on 1300 943 094.

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