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COVID-19 Updates

Stay informed with updates relating to COVID-19. Various resources available for you and your business.

If you have any questions or concerns, CLICK HERE to email us.

The ADIA asked the membership to complete a short survey surrounding their current business circumstances during COVID-19. CLICK HERE to view the results.

COVID-19 Safety Protocol - Guidelines for Members

As businesses around Australia have started to commence, or are in the planning stages of conducting operations under the "new normal", we have put together for our member businesses two templates which can be utilised if you wish, around your staff visiting other businesses and external visitors coming to your premise.

Safe Work Australia
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Prime Minister Updates

  • CLICK HERE to view the Prime Minister's transcripts and Media Releases on COVID-19.
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State and Territory based updates

Economic Response To Coronavirus - Cash flow assistance for businesses summary:

  • Assistance around managing cash flow challenges for businesses
  • Designed to support small and medium sized businesses
  • Cash flow boost intended to keep businesses operating, pay rent, electricity and other bills and retain staff
  • The Australian Government to provide up to $100,000 to eligible small and medium sized businesses
  • Cash flow boost provides a tax-free payment to employers and is automatically calculated by the Australian Tax Office (ATO). There are no new forms required to be filled out

To read the full fact sheet, CLICK HERE.

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Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI)

  • CLICK HERE to view the COVID-19 ACCI Small Business Conditions Survey - Edition 3 Released
  • Banks pause small business loan repayments. CLICK HERE to read more
  • CLICK HERE to view the ACCI COVID-19 Employer Guide - Edition 3 Released
  • CLICK HERE to view the 2nd Edition of ACCI's JobKeeper Payment - Quick Employer Guide
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Workplace Assured

  • Can you temporarily close and stand down employees without pay? CLICK HERE to read more
  • Coronavirus and carer's leave: your top three questions answered. CLICK HERE to read more
  • Employer's guide to Coronavirus. CLICK HERE to read more
    Can you claim workers comp if you have Coronavirus? CLICK HERE to read more

Australian support infolines for further advice regarding COVID-19

Business (Australian Government)
Telephone: 13 28 46

ATO (Australian Tax Office)
Telephone: 1800 806 218

Workplace Assured
Telephone: 1300 575 394

Other useful resources

Working from home plan

Trying to make the most of the expected lockdown? So are we! CLICK HERE to see our plans in place to support effective business continuity as we work from home.