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Standards Development

The Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) is the primary reference point for Standards Australian in seeking advice and guidance from dental product manufacturers and suppliers on matters associated with development of product technical standards. This is primarily facilitated by the nomination by ADIA of employees from member businesses to serve on Standards Australia technical committees.

Australian Standards are published documents setting out specifications and procedures designed to ensure products, services and systems are safe, reliable and consistently perform in the way they were intended. They establish a common language that defines quality and safety criteria and are used by manufacturers and regulators to achieve consistent outcomes.

As the peak business organisation representing manufacturers and suppliers of dental products, ADIA is asked by Standards Australia to nominate representatives to the following committees:

CS-099 — Sports Mouthguards

This committee reviews the acceptability for Australia of International Standards addressing the performance safety and specification requirements for sports mouthguards in addition to relevant clinical and laboratory test methods for these products.

HE-004 — Dentistry

This committee reviews the acceptability for Australia of International Standards addressing the performance safety and specification requirements of dental products; and clinically relevant laboratory test methods for dental products.

HE-008 — Diagnostic Ionizing Imaging Equipment

This committee develops Australian Standards (AS3200.2) for dento-maxillofacial x-ray equipment (including computed tomography) that sets out safety requirements associated with the design and use.

HE-013 — Surgical Apparel

This committee develops Australian Standards (AS4381, AS/NZS4011.1, AS/NZS4011.2 and AS/NZS4179) that set out design, performance and test requirements for single-use face masks, single-use examination gloves and single-use surgical gloves that are used in healthcare.

HE-023 — Processing Of Medical & Surgical Instruments

This committee develops Australian Standards (AS2514, AS2773, AS2774, AS/NZS4187, AS4185 and AS/NZS/ISO11137) that set out design, performance, testing and maintenance requirements for ultrasonic cleaners used in healthcare facilities, drying cabinets for respiratory apparatus, the reprocessing of reusable medical devices in healthcare organisations and the sterilisation of healthcare products.

HE-030 — Biological and Clinical Evaluation of Medical Device

This committee reviews the acceptability for Australia of International Standards addressing the approach to biological and clinical evaluation of medical and dental materials and devices, together with standardisation of biological test methods applicable to those materials and devices as well as good clinical practice principles to clinical investigations in humans of those devices.

ME-003 — Sterilising Equipment

This committee reviews the acceptability for Australia of International Standard addressing the design, performance and maintenance requirements for machines in health care facilities that wash, disinfect or sterilise equipment.

The dental industry's representatives on these committees, nominated by ADIA, liaise with their colleagues via interaction with the relevant ADIA National Committees and ADIA Reference Groups which provides committees with the opportunity to review draft Australian Standards to ensure that they reflect the needs and interests of dental product manufacturers and suppliers.

ADIA member businesses accrue two kinds of benefits by nominating their staff to serve on Standards Australia committees, immediate and deferred. The immediate benefits come about through access to technical resources, communication, and networking with peers in the industry, the ability to influence the development of the standard and recognition for participation. The deferred benefits come about when the standard is released and accepted by its user community. Although it is true that all users of the standard experience these benefits (whether they participated in the development or not), participation ensures the standard is in fact developed, accelerates the development so benefits begin sooner, and of course, participants get a jump on the implementation of the standard.

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