Refresh Webinar Series

Refresh Webinar Series

Welcome to ADIA's Refresh Webinar Series.

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These webinars will be held on the third Tuesday of every second month.


Starting:10:00 AM
Tuesday 21st September 2021
Ending:10:30 AM
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Presentation Topic:

5 Ways To Wellbeing; Make Them Yours Australia!


About the presentation

Doris will provide an understanding of the 5 Ways To Wellbeing framework, background and key messages.  This will also include an opportunity for participants to practice some of the 5 Ways not just hear about them.

The session will also provide practical examples of how the 5 Ways framework is being used by The Royal Melbourne Hospital and other organisations around Australia to support the wellbeing of staff and communities within and beyond covid 19 – And how these ideas could potentially be applied.

Participants will also be given an overview of the 5 Ways To Wellbeing Australia website and how to make the most of it for personal and collective staff wellbeing.

There will be an opportunity to have questions answered and a list of resources made available.

Doris will provide some suggestions for what companies can do to help maintain and improve the wellbeing of their employees.

Speaker Information:

About The Presenter

Doris Sant has worked in a Mental Health Promotion role with the Royal Melbourne Hospital, full time for the past 12 years.  Doris has a 3-year degree qualification in Youth and Community Development, and a post graduate degree in Health Promotion/ Public Health.  This is coupled with over 30 years professional experience,  working in the Health and Community sector with a broad-range of community and government organisations in roles that serve to improve collective and individual wellbeing.

One of her current projects with the Royal Melbourne Hospital is the , ‘5 Ways To Wellbeing Australia’ initiative that grew out of a local Melbourne project with diverse communities in 2012 that has since grown to embrace an Australia-wide participation involving hundreds of community members, professionals, organisations and communities. 

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