Insights Webinar Series - November 2022

Insights Webinar Series - November 2022

Welcome to ADIA's Insights Webinar Series.

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Karen Eck - Publicity & Brand Strategist

Presenter, The Power of Visibility


A publicist, strategist and talent manager, Karen Eck specialises in putting exceptional brands and individuals in the spotlight.

Karen has deep expertise in the entertainment, media and business sectors. With her hallmark energy and enthusiasm, she has built her career on strategically positioning clever and extraordinary people, allowing them to tell their stories.

Across 25 years of international media and publicity experience, she has worked with some of the biggest names and brands on the planet, including Oprah Winfrey, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Sony Pictures Television International, CNN, Garmin and Uber.  She founded eckfactor in 1999, which continues to evolve as a communications agency, providing an effective and creative approach to client solutions.

In early 2020, Karen launched The Power of Visibility, a bespoke program that helps individuals and organisations develop a ‘culture of visibility', where every team member is empowered to play their part.

She has delivered her program successfully to more than 500 professionals from a range of industries and experience. From economics and data science to media and construction, developing a culture of visibility is a win-win for the business bottom line.

The Power of Visibility is a bespoke program that helps organisations develop a ‘culture of visibility’, where every team member is empowered to play their part.

From C-Suite executives on the frontline to subject matter experts hidden in the nerve centre. Visibility is everyone’s business.

The Power of Visibility builds personal brand confidence, which in turn helps build awareness of an organisation’s purpose and value.

In this 30-minute webinar, you will:

  • learn a new concept of visibility;
  • discover three common mistakes professionals make in career promotion and how to avoid them;
  • take a deep dive into branding essentials to get you started or to improve your profile; and
  • develop practical ways to support a vibrant culture of visibility at work.

The introduction to the Power of Visibility is presented by Karen Eck, a publicity and brand strategist. For more than 25 years, she has helped exceptional people and organisations raise their visibility for career success and personal fulfillment.


Starting:10:00 AM
Thursday 10th November 2022
Ending:11:00 AM
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