Women in Dentistry Forum - July

Women in Dentistry Forum - July

Please join us for the Women in Dentistry Forum held via zoom.

The Simple 3 Word Formula to help secure leadership roles.

Women, in particular, often miss the cues and key strategies to be chosen as a CEO, for a Board or Executive Team role.

In frustration, we often take on more projects, more staff and more studies, quietly hoping to be noticed and to show commitment and tenacity.

Sadly this almost guarantees you DON’T get the jobs you’re more than capable of.  Leona will challenge and inspire us, sharing:

  • How to become a magnet for top leadership roles, job offers and mentors.
  • Without sacrificing your values or endless overtime, you CAN be perceived as a capable leader. NOT a Doer.
  • This requires resilience and commitment to change your mindset and strategies, keeping your wellness a priority. 
  • How to create accountability and a plan - often the difference between success and failure/frustration.

Leona Watson

Leona’s unique background includes managing $20M+ marketing budgets at Microsoft UK, launching Virgin Mobile in Australia, then founding Cheeky Food Events, running over 2.500 team leadership events for 17 years, before selling to focus on her Speaking, Coaching & Facilitation. 

Her business and leadership skills earned her the Australian Businesswomen’s Award for Outstanding Business Growth, sitting on the Sydney Board of Entrepreneurs Organisation, being featured in Australia’s Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs book and filmed by Google. Plus slow triathlons, adventure holidays and kayaking with killer whales (it’s relevant!).

Leona draws on these experiences, sharing her “tough love” lessons and unique insights into the best and worst of leadership and team culture, including her own epic failures and wins. Leona keeps it fun AND challenging, so get ready for master story telling.




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Starting:2:00 PM
Monday 4th July 2022
Ending:3:00 PM
Phone Enquiries:1300 943 094

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