Women in Dentistry Forum - March 2023

Women in Dentistry Forum - March 2023

Please join us for the Women in Dentistry Forum held via zoom. 

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Topic: Brain friendly goal setting

Sharon Stanley - Sharon Stanley Consulting


Owning or running a business is exciting. It can also be daunting and lonely at times. Who helps you stay clear on your goals, the ones that got you into business in the first place? Who motivates you to realise them, keeps you on track and accountable, encourages your growth and development, and celebrates the wins with you?


As a trained coach and business consultant Sharon Stanley supports businesses by doing exactly that. Sharon helps them to get unstuck, improve their business and personal performance, set and achieve work and life goals, build new habits and tap into their own and their team’s hidden potential.


Sharon Stanley Consulting provides business consulting, executive coaching and copywriting services for business owners and entrepreneurs, freeing them up to do what they do best - delivering their unique products and services.

Sharon’s mission is ‘to use all of my experience, skill, expertise and knowledge to help other businesses achieve more’.


This forum will cover:

  • The goal pursuit journey
  • Neuroscience of goal setting
  • Starting with vision 
  • Creating inspiring goals
  • Strategies to achieve goals
  • Maintaining new habits
Starting:2:00 PM
Monday 6th March 2023
Ending:3:00 PM
Phone Enquiries:1300 943 094

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