Women in Dentistry Forum - May 2023

Women in Dentistry Forum - May 2023

Please join us for the Women in Dentistry Forum held via zoom. 

Linkedin 101: Managing your Linkedin in 10 minutes a day

Claire Moffat

A powerful LinkedIn Profile tells your clients that you are serious about your reputation, and that you will take as much care with their business as you do with your own.


Claire Moffat, helps women to create a compelling profile to showcase their authentic talents and personality as well as their services and products.


Claire is a Linkedin Specialist and Coach based in Woolloomooloo Sydney.

Her career began as a reporter in the advertising, marketing and media industries.


During her media career, Claire’s greatest achievements included the launch of the groundbreaking ConnectedAustralia B2B websites, newsletters and social channels for the Australasian consumer electronics industry in 2000, when executives were reliant on the print media for their intelligence.


This was followed by ConnectedWomen, Australia’s first technology news service for women.


Claire has been featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, A Current Affair, Channel Nine News, Virgin Magazine, Influencer.com and named as one of the Top 20 Women in Technology.

In this presentation we will cover:

  1. Managing your dashboard and understanding why saying congratulations can grow your reputation
  2.  Reading your news feed for trending content to share
  3.  Posting at the right times of the day to maximise exposure
  4. Hashtagging your brand so that you are in the game


Starting:2:00 PM
Monday 8th May 2023
Ending:3:00 PM
Phone Enquiries:1300 943 094

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