Insights Webinar Series - April 2024: Say This, Not That: A Guide To Customer Communication

To emoji or not to emoji? All caps or is that considered yelling?  When you’re dealing with half a dozen communication channels at the same time - email, social media, text messaging, etc. - it can be overwhelming to know how to interact with your customers on each one. Join us for the first Insights ...

Category: Insights Webinar Series
Start Time: 10:00 AM
Date: Tuesday 16th April 2024
Venue: Online

Think Digital Symposium Hong Kong

Join us at the Think Digital Symposium 2024.

We are thrilled to extend an personal invitation to you to attend our innovative three-day knowledge-sharing event and meet with peers from Australia, New Zealand and across eleven European countries.

This unique experience features five captivating keynote lectures and access to three diverse w...

Category: ADX Gold Pass
Start Time: 8:00 AM
Date: Sunday 21st April 2024
Venue: Hong Kong - Dongguan
Venue Address: Hong Kong - Dongguan Hong Kong n/a Hong Kong n/a
Phone Enquiries: 0434652320
Email Enquiries:
Point Of Contact: Mrs Rhiannon Walter
Organisation: Southern Cross Dental Download File
Course Type: In-person
Other Information: Join us at the Think Digital Symposium 2024.

We are thrilled to extend an personal invitation to you to attend our innovative three-day knowledge-sharing event and meet with peers from Australia, New Zealand and across eleven European countries.

This unique experience features five captivating keynote lectures and access to three diverse workshops which offer practical exercises and tips and tricks to enhance your clinical skills in an inspiring and dynamic setting.

Our educational and scientific program will take place at the world's largest dental laboratory, where you'll witness the Modern Dental Group's dedication to providing innovative solutions and the best product outcomes for dentists worldwide. Additionally, you'll have the chance to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmospheres of Hong Kong and Dongguan.

This Think Digital Symposium will guide you through the most advanced digital workflows for a wide range of indications, equipping you with the knowledge and skills, which you can apply to your practice when you return home.

We hope you can be part of this exceptional learning experience.
Presenter Bio: Dr. Simon Parsons is a highly accomplished Sydney-based general dentist
with over thirty years of clinical experience. He divides his time between
private practice, providing dentolegal guidance, and educating future oral
health professionals through lectures, workshops, and webinars.
Dr. Parsons has held key roles as Clinical Director and Senior Dentist at
major DSO group practices, managing large multidisciplinary dental
centres for over a decade. His extensive background in risk management
includes contributions to clinical governance activities for major health
He is a graduate of the Australian Graduate School of Management,
where he completed an Executive MBA in 2001. Dr. Parsons is committed
to sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience in risk management
with fellow dental practitioners and is a valued member of the Dental
Protection group.
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Price: 4000
Course Duration: -
Learning Objectives:  

The OrthoED Institute - Aligner Essentials Course - Melbourne

The OrthoED Institute Aligner Essentials Course covers:
Essential diagnostic principles required for aligner therapy
History of aligner therapy
Evaluation of different aligner systems
The use of the different type of attachments
Realistic outcomes with aligner movements, identifying cases which should be treated with fixed braces rather tha...

Category: ADX Gold Pass
Start Time: 8:30 AM
Date: Thursday 2nd May 2024
Venue: Pullman Melbourne on the Park
Venue Address: Pullman Melbourne On The Park 192 Wellington Parade East Melbourne Victoria Australia 3002
Phone Enquiries: +61414431010
Email Enquiries:
Point Of Contact: Mr Marton Jakab
Organisation: The OrthoED Institute Download File
Course Type: In-person
Other Information: 
Presenter Bio: Known by many as the Myth Busting Orthodontist Dr Geoff Hall is highly regarded as one of Australias leading Orthodontic educators having trained over 1000 dentists here in Australia. As the founder and head tutor at The OrthoED Institute, Dr Hall shows dentists that Orthodontics doesnt have to be difficult or complicated and you dont need to be a specialist with years of experience to successfully complete cases.

His principle-based teaching allows dentists to apply their knowledge and skills in all orthodontic systems and is built on 33 years of experience as an Orthodontist treating over 12,000 cases. Dr Hall founded The OrthoED Institute because as a practising orthodontist, he felt there was no clear framework for dental practitioners to undertake, develop and extend their orthodontic education and knowledge.

Dr Hall has a passion for teaching and educating general dentists having established the New Horizons Study Club and bringing the Seattle Study club to the Australian shores. In addition to being the director of OrthoED, he still works in a specialist practice and is also the founder and
director of CAPS and co-founder and co-director of Clear Aligner Excellence with Dr Jesse Green.
Learning Objectives: Following this three-day module, participants will understand the different aligner products in the marketplace and their individual advantages and disadvantages. The participant will be able to identify realistic goals of aligner therapy, the eligible patients and keys to success with this type of therapy as it applies to various orthodontic problems including, crowding, spacing, deep bite, open bite, Class 2, Class 3 and extraction cases. In addition, a full understanding of aligner therapy, including its biomechanics, the use of different attachments, tips and tricks, and how to make aligner treatment profitable in practice will be discussed.
Course Duration: 3 Days
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Price: 4290

Women in Dentistry Forum - May 2024

Women in Dentistry Forum - May 2024

Join us for the May Women in Dentistry Forum Teagan Curtin has worked in the financial services industry since 2009 and has been providing individually tailored investment expertise and financial planning advice since 2013. She is a member of the Financial Advice Association (FAAA) and sits on the NSW FAAA I...

Category: WID Forum
Start Time: 2:00 PM
Date: Monday 6th May 2024
Venue: Online

Performance Hiring Training

Performance Hiring Training

Live, fun and very educational hands on training

Category: ADX Gold Pass
Start Time: 9:00 AM
Date: Thursday 9th May 2024
Venue: Online
Phone Enquiries: 0468763114
Email Enquiries:
Point Of Contact: Negar Riazati
Organisation: Performia Download File
Course Type: Online
Other Information: 
Presenter Bio: 

Two presenters Negar Riazati and Gareth Jekel

About Negar Riazati

CEO | Chair | Mentor | Strategic | Community Builder

Negar is a business person with a mix of high passion, discipline and
strategic thinking. She has helped countless businesses and
individuals through her involvements as a trainer, mentor,
community builder, chair and advisor.
Negar’s achievements started as early as the age of 9 where she was
selected from her year level to present a speech on a topic in her
second language.

Performia Australia
In 2008 at the age of 19 she joined Performia Australia and after completing her training in record
time, she moved to team leader and shortly after, head of client services the same year.
After completing 6 months of university in France to complete her degree in 2009, Negar was
challenged to grow her area of the business and her reward for making the target was that she would
take on the General Manager role for Australia. Negar made these targets with ease, engaging all
parties from her staff through clients, partners and even suppliers.
After opening offices in China, Negar was deployed to China to establish the foundations of the office
with the newly hired CEO. Negar created stability, expansion, increased dividends and most
importantly, improved the product offering.
Under Negar’s leadership Performia Australia won the international record for the highest delivery out
of 26 Performia countries. After further accomplishments Negar took on the role of CEO in 2017.
Together with the Performia team, Negar works closely with and mentors directors and managers of
Dental Practices and businesses in a range of industries, ensuring they receive fundamental
know-how to build a productive, safe and fun to work with team, by removing the obstacles through
training and processes.
Cancer Council Victoria
In 2016 parallel to her roles at Performia, Negar held the position of Chair for Cancer Council’s Relay
For Life Moreland, leading a volunteer committee, raising over $30,000 as well as being selected for
the Leadership Training Team for Cancer Council Victoria between 2017 - 2020.
Sports Committee
In 2019 after joining the first Women’s team at Brunswick Lacrosse, Negar joined the committee in the
role of Women’s Strategic Director, taking a lead role in talent recruitment, development and
fundraising which resulted in growth and improvements that benefited the club as a whole.

Community Builder
In 2020 Negar launched a unique Facebook community that helps both businesses and individuals.
Negar has built a team that supports the community which is thriving, and with over 80,000
members, it is presently Australia’s largest and fastest growing community of its kind, securing brand
partnerships and special recognition.
Negar is a strategic thinker that ensures all parties involved have a successful outcome. She has very
high ethical values that only allows her to do what is right and more than fair in every dealing.

About Gareth Jekel

Gareth Jekel has always been an over­achiever, leaving school at 15 to pursue his apprenticeship as a refrigeration mechanic and
winning his College Apprentice of the Year in 1988 out of 5000 other apprentices.
In 1989, he capped off his apprenticeship by winning the annual Victorian WorkSkills competition, along with several other industry
awards. This was just the beginning of his winning streak ­ in less than 2 years of completing his apprenticeship, Gareth started his
first business.

Commercial Refrigeration
Founded in 1992, New Systems Refrigeration was Gareth’s first business.
Within 6 years Gareth had become a preferred supplier of refrigeration
systems and service for a large sector of the supermarket industry including Coles
and Woolworths as well as service station chains such as Caltex and Shell.
Gareth designed and developed leading energy efficient equipment for these
large energy using clients that opened up a previously very guarded and tough
market. Within 2 years New Systems had a turnover of $2 million and no
overdraft. By 1998 Gareth had 155 staff, a fleet of 45 vehicles and a turnover of $22 million.

Young Achiever Award
In recognition of Gareth’s accomplishments, he was selected as one of only 3 finalist in 1993 for Channel 10’s Young Achiever
Awards. This distinguished acknowledgement is awarded to those who show stellar results in business.

Young Australian of the Year
Just 3 years after being selected as a Young Achiever, Coles Supermarkets, Gareth’s customer,
nominated him for the Australia Day Council’s Young Australian of the Year in 1996. By this time
his company New Systems Refrigeration has grown to a turnover of $15 million, with a staff of
80. Gareth was awarded the both Victorian and Australian Young Australian of the Year in 1996 for
his outstanding career achievement and contributions to energy reductions achieved by his
clients who were taking on his designs and equipment.

Commercial Air Conditioning
More recently Gareth is applying his wealth of knowledge in the commercial air conditioning
industry technology Sagecon is set to out do New Systems Refrigeration with its efficiencies
and performance. Founded in 2006, Gareth as a non executive, grew Sagecon to $1.5 million with just two staff
and less than a couple of hours of Gareth’s time each week  In 2013, Gareth took the role of GM and has grown Sagecon to 55 staff and sales of $13 million
in 2018.

Recruitment & Talent Management
In 2005 after Gareth sold his commercial refrigeration business, he was introduced to Marten
Runow, the Founder of Performia International based in Sweden. As a business owner that had hired and fired many
hundreds of staff, Gareth immediately saw the benefit of the Performia system and took on the
APAC license to sell and distribute Performia services. Performia is now run by a management team with
Gareth as the non executive director, after he spent some adventurous and fun year's setting up
Performia in Melbourne, Sydney, China and Japan. One of the major clients to Performia is Gareth’s
businesses as he states “It is just so much easier to build a business with a hiring strategy and the tools
required to bring on fun and productive staff and workers”.

Learning Objectives: 

How to build a Productive Safe and Fun Team

Course Duration: 1 Day
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Price: 3850

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