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Does ADIA have a preference to source a single supplier for all three events?
ADIA will appoint the most appropriate supplier, regardless of whether they have proposed to provide for one, two or all three events. ADIA regularly contracts suppliers for the two-year cycle across all three events, however the goal is to find the best supplier. 

Is the supplier leveraging existing bookings for ICC Sydney, MCEC and BCEC?
ADIA is managing all of the bookings and has booked up to 2032 for Melbourne and Brisbane, and up to 2026 for Sydney. While any support to reduce costs at the venues is appreciated, leveraging existing bookings is outside of scope for this Request for Proposal. 

Do bookings include AV or catering agreements?
ADIA is managing AV directly with the venue. However, the supplier will need to liaise directly with the provider (Harry the hirer) onsite if any issues arise. 

Is the supplier delivering the networking event at Luna Park on 20 March?
This Request for Proposal only relates to the CPD portion of the ADX events. It does not include the Luna Park networking event. 

Has ADIA has pre-booked inclusions for this event in terms of talent, catering, and alcohol?
This Request for Proposal only relates to the CPD portion of the ADX events. It does not include the Luna Park networking event. 

Is the accommodation handled separately to this RFP?
This Request for Proposal only relates to the CPD portion of the ADX events. It does not include accommodation, which is managed separately from this Request for Proposal. 

Do you have a guideline on staffing needs (eg how many staff, when they will be required) or are you looking for a recommendation on how many we think would be suitable?
We are looking for a recommendation on how many the supplier may think is suitable. However, in our experience, suppliers have provided 8 - 13 staff each day for ADX CPD. We do not have insight into how many staff may be required for SIDCON. 

Will attendees all arrive at once for SIDCON?
As a conference, we anticipate that all SIDCON attendees will arrive for the opening session. However at ADX arrival is more staggered throughout the day. There are usually 200 - 300 at the opening time, then the balance of attendees arrive throughout the day. 

How many entries will be open at each venue?
There are usually two entries, however staff of these is managed separately and outside of scope of this Request for Proposal. The 4 - 5 CPD rooms are built within the hall, and these each have one entrance and one exit. 

Is there only one registration desk?
There is only one registration desk at SIDCON. There are no registration desks at ADX. Pre-registered visitors self-print badges at the terminals, and new visitors can also register and print their badges at the terminals. 

Is ADIA providing name badges for visitors?
Pre-registered SIDCON attendees will have badges pre-printed and available for collection at SIDCON. Those who do not pre-register, or who register after the cut-off date, can register onsite if needed, and print their name badges from the terminals in the foyer of each event. 

Is the technology solution for badging already confirmed?
ADIA has already confirmed the provider for pre-registration and the badging terminals. The technology provision is all managed by ADIA. The Request for Proposal is for staffing only. 

Are points available for CPD sessions?
CPD points are available for all CPD sessions. The technology platform has a certification solution inbuilt. ADIA’s approach is to reduce barriers to participation, so the requirement to check in / out for each session is not prioritised. ADIA is open to receiving simple solutions to improve tracking accuracy, however that is not a focus of this Request for Proposal. 

Is ADIA open to ideas to complement the events, which are outside of scope?
Absolutely. ADIA is always looking for ways to improve the exhibitor and attendee experience, and to do things more effectively. 

What is the pricing model to attend CPD?
The CPD is charged at a flat rate per day, which in the past has been $149 per day. SIDCON tickets include SIDCON, the Luna Park networking event, the ADX opening breakfast and all of ADX including the CPD program at no additional cost. 

Will the CPD and/or SIDCON sessions be recorded?
Session recording is still under review. Due to the nature of the plenary speakers within SIDCON, recording adds an unnecessary layer of complexity. Sessions may be recorded, but this is not a priority. If recording does take place, ADIA will manage that directly with the AV provider. 

How are speaker slides managed?
ADIA is very strict with speaker, and requires slide decks to be provided two weeks in advance. This ensures that they can be pre-loaded into the onsite tech platform, for smooth running of the event. Slides (or amended slide decks) will not be accepted on the day. 

Is staffing of the badging terminals required?
The badging terminals are staffed by a third party, managed by ADIA. The CPD provider staff are not expected to manage the badging terminals. CPD staff can direct any potential issues with onsite badging to the terminal staff on the day. 

Are there solutions in place for exhibitor lead capture?
The event app is provided by Entegy, and includes an app for visitors as well as lead capture facility for exhibitors. The visitor app includes the SIDCON and CPD programs, wayfinding exhibitor information etc. 

How big is the event?
ADX Sydney has around 180 exhibitors, with 550 booths. It’s a large exhibition with huge custom stands - the largest has over 50 booths. ADX Melbourne has around 150 exhibitors with 400 booths. ADX Brisbane has around 130 exhibitors with 300 booths. 

Will there be satchels, a program book or other handouts?
No. There will be satchels within the expo, but not being handed out. The program is managed within the app so that it can be updated in real time if needed. 

Is the app used for Q&A within the sessions?
The app has the facility to do Q&A but the visitors and presenters don’t use them at this time. 

Will the facilitators be the same or different throughout the events?
The CPD sessions are CPD rather than conference sessions, so aren’t facilitated. There will be around 70 speakers across the 3 days, the majority of whom will speak at least twice. The focus is on quality rather than quantity. For example, the Therapeutic Goods Administration will speak daily. 

Are there handouts in the CPD sessions?
Presenters may manage hardcopy handouts, or upload them into the app in advance. The CPD provider doesn’t need to manage these.

Is only onsite staffing is requested? (ie there is no involvement in the lead-up of the event is required)
Only onsite staffing is required, however pre-event orientation meetings will be required to ensure smooth running of the event onsite.

What is meant by the clause: If the project is not delivered satisfactorily, remuneration may be withheld to cover ADIA’s estimated losses?
The tenders will be expected to provide a price for providing the services. If the set KPIs  for service delivery are not met as per the agreement, then payment for services may be varied.

Does the provider need to manage the childcare, e.g. drop off and pick ups?
The childcare provider manages all aspects of the free childcare service.

What registration system and registration hardware supplier did you use most recently?
Online (pre-event) registrations are managed via iVvy. Onsite, registrations are managed via the Entegy app integrated with Hire Intelligence hardware.

How are attendees with additional tickets (i.e. breakfast) identified at the door to gain access? Is this via an icon on their name badge? This is not within scope of this request for proposal.

How many staff have you previously had on onsite registration and did you feel that was sufficient for the traffic flow?
Numbers have varied, however having 2 per room plus 2 - 3 for the helpdesk, plus 1 - 3 to relieve others for breaks has seemed to work.

Is the Exhibition app and Registration System supplied by the same provider?
The app is provided by Entegy. Pre-event registration is via iVvy. This is not within scope of this request for proposal.

Are attendees able to nominate what sessions they wish to attend on the day? Or do they need to pre-register?
Attendees pay for a day ticket and can go to those sessions which attract them.

Will all CPD sessions be in the exhibition area?
The CPD sessions will be in custom-built rooms within the exhibition area.

How have you previously monitored attendees entering sessions to ensure they are registered? (eg via list or scanning QR code)
Previously attendees have been given wristbands so staff can easily identify their eligibility to attend sessions.

What are the expectations / requirements from the provider with regards to SIDCON?
SIDCON will require on-the-ground staffing - predominantly checking registrations and directing people to the kiosks for on-the-spot registrations.

Do you have an onsite AV operator from Harry the hirer onsite for each CPD room (or 1-2 across the CPD rooms)?
There will be one to two onsite AV operators to staff the CPD rooms, plus an onsite supervisor for escalation of any issues.

Do you require any onsite support for networking functions and/or breakfasts?
Onsite support of networking functions is not required. This request for proposal is only for managing SIDCON and/or ADX CPD.

What function spaces have been booked within the venues, and what are each of them used for (i.e. SIDCON, breakfast etc.)?
This is not within scope.

When would you anticipate that the pre-event planning meetings commence?
We anticipate an initial orientation meeting on confirmation of the tender, followed by fortnightly meetings starting two months before the event, then transitioning to weekly meetings one month before the event.

What tasks would you envisage are covered off in the pre-event meetings?
We anticipate that these will be no more than half an hour, and will be to provide updates around any changes affecting delivery, and to answer questions.

Are presentations predominantly delivered using PowerPoint or will there be any live demonstrations incorporated in the program?
All slide decks must be provided in PowerPoint in advance. ADIA will manage the collection and loading of these into the onsite AV system. Speakers will be clearly briefed that slides cannot be provided on the day. Some presenters may be doing live demonstrations.

What if I have more questions?
If you have any further questions before submitting your proposal, please contact ADIA via email or by telephone on 1300 943 094. Answers to questions will be updated regularly on this page.

This information is available for your use under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia licence, with the exception of the ADIA logo, other images and where otherwise stated.

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