2024 Industry Pioneer Award Criteria

  1. The National Executive shall have the authority to bestow an Industry Pioneer Award.
  2. The medal will be awarded to an individual employee of a member of the Association who has made a contribution of merit to the dental industry
  3. There is no restriction on the number of living award recipients.
  4. In any twelve month period the National Executive shall not bestow more than two Industry Pioneer Awards.
  5. Prior to being granted a Industry Pioneer Award, the National Executive shall satisfy itself that the nominee has met all of the following requirements:
  6. Has established a reputation at a personal level for high ethical standards and high quality of work;
  7. Has a record of employment with a Member for at least ten years (not necessarily consecutively);
  8. Has a record of service to the dental industry that spans at least ten years (not necessarily consecutively);
  9. Is not an undischarged bankrupt or within the last five years entered into an arrangement with their personal creditors to ameliorate their debt obligations;
  10. Is not a Director of a company that has been placed into voluntary administration or liquidation within the last five years; and
  11. Not been convicted of an offence involving fraud or dishonesty. 

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