2024 Women in Dentistry Scholarship

Terms and Conditions


1.  Introduction

1.1       The goal of the Women in Dentistry Scholarship (‘the Scholarship’) is: To support the career progression of women in the Australian dental industry, with a focus on expanding the recipient’s professional education and skillset, to the benefit of the sector.

1.2       The Scholarship Terms and Conditions apply to all who apply for the Scholarship (‘candidates’), including but not limited to the final recipient (‘recipient’).

1.3       The Australian Dental Industry Association reserves the right to make minor amendments to these Terms and Conditions without prior notice.


2.  Eligibility

2.1       Applications are open to women employed in Australia by, or who own, an ADIA member company.

2.2       The candidate must have been employed by, or the owner of, an ADIA member company for a minimum of 12 months prior to Scholarship application, and the ADIA member company must have been a member of ADIA for a minimum of 12 months prior to the Scholarship application.

2.3       The candidate must provide an endorsement letter supporting her application. For more information on the endorsement, see 4.6 Endorsement.

2.4       Recipients of the Women in Dentistry Scholarship will not be eligible to apply for future Women in Dentistry Scholarships.

2.5       The candidate must not have completed the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) Company Directors CourseTM or the Australian Graduate School of Management General Manager Course.

2.6       The application must be accompanied by a $49 nominal application fee.


3.  Benefits

3.1       The benefit of the Women in Dentistry Scholarship is up to the value of $13,000 including GST.

3.2       The payment of benefits will be made directly to AICD or AGSM. If the value of the selected course and membership is below the total value of the Scholarship, no additional benefit will be paid.

3.3       The scholarship benefit includes either:

3.3.1    Membership to AICD for one full year; and member-rate enrolment to the AICD Company Directors CourseTM or applicable course from the AICD education suite as approved by the ADIA Board;

3.3.2    The Australian Graduate School of Management General Manager Course.


4.  Conditions

4.1       Enrolment

4.1.1    The Scholarship is conditional on enrolling in an AICD or AGSM course.

4.1.2     Additional costs such as travel, accommodation or food will be met by the recipient.


4.2  Commencement

4.2.1     The course should commence within six months of the Scholarship being awarded. Where this is not possible, the ADIA CEO should be made aware of the commencement date.

4.2.2     If the recipient’s chosen course dates be moved beyond her control, she should make the ADIA CEO aware of the new dates should she be outside the conditions stipulated in 4.2.1.

4.2.3     If the course commencement needs to be postponed for medical reasons, family matters or other extenuating circumstances, the recipient will contact the ADIA CEO for further guidance.

4.2.4     Personal preference will not be considered an acceptable reason for postponing course commencement beyond the deadline.


4.3  Duration

4.3.1   Unless otherwise specified in the Scholarship offer:  The maximum duration of the Women in Dentistry Scholarship is one full year from announcing the recipient of the Scholarship; and  The Scholarship can continue through any type of leave from the recipient’s employer.


4.4  Completion

4.4.1      If the recipient fails to complete the course selected for the Women in Dentistry Scholarship she will be ineligible to apply for any other ADIA Awards including but not limited to the Australian Dental Industry Awards.


4.5  Commitment to Women in Dentistry and the Australian Dental Industry Association

4.5.1       The recipient will:  attend all Women in Dentistry Online Forums for the duration of the Scholarship period and participate in the discussions therein;  if requested by the Board or ADIA staff, provide an update for the Women in Dentistry Forum;  provide a formal written response on her scholarship experience to the ADIA Board at the completion of her course;  if requested, speak at the Women in Dentistry Breakfast to assist the launch of the subsequent Scholarship(s); and  if requested, assist with Marketing and Communications for the Women in Dentistry Scholarship.


4.6           Endorsement

4.6.1        Each candidate must provide a written letter of endorsement from an ADIA member company with her application.

4.6.2        The endorsement letter must be from the candidate’s CEO or equivalent or (if the candidate is the CEO or equivalent) from the CEO or equivalent of another ADIA member company.

4.6.3        Endorsers and ADIA member companies can endorse multiple candidates.

4.6.4        The professional relationship and any other association between the candidate and endorser must be declared.

4.6.5        A member of the ADIA Board, judging panel or ADIA staff cannot act as an endorser for a candidate.

4.6.6        The endorsement letter must include:  endorser’s name, company and contact details;  name of candidate being endorsed;  how well they know the candidate;  how long they have known the candidate professionally;  why the endorser believes the candidate is a good nominee for this professional development;  why the candidate should be considered for the Women in Dentistry Scholarship;  any other associations between the candidate and endorser; and  any additional information that would be useful to the judging panel.


5.  Communication, complaints, and grievances

5.1     All correspondence should be directed to ceo@adia.org.au.

5.2     Any complaints or grievances regarding the application, selection or duration of the Scholarship should be addressed to the ADIA CEO at ceo@adia.org.au.


6.  Timings

6.1     Applications open 10am Wednesday 1 November 2023.

6.2     Applications close midnight AEDT Friday 22 December 2023

6.3     Candidates will be shortlisted by 31 January 2024.

6.4     Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed over Zoom 1 - 28 February 2024.

6.5     The recipient will be announced at the Australian Dental Industry Awards Gala Dinner 22 March 2024.

6.6     The recipient will be announced to members in ‘The Check Up’ ADIA monthly newsletter, including a short article and candidate’s photo and employer company.

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