About ADX Gold Pass

What is the ADX Gold Pass?

ADX Gold Pass is an innovative annual subscription program designed for dental professionals that will extend the benefits and value of the ADX experience across the entire year, providing access to ADX Exhibitor deals, discounted CPD, subscriber-only events and more. It is intended to provide continued value to visitors to our exhibitions and provide sustained engagement within the dental industry.

Key Benefits of the ADX Gold Pass:

The ADX Gold Pass will offer a variety of benefits throughout the year, fulfilling our strategic aim of enhancing the ADX experience beyond the traditional event timeline. 
The ADX Gold Pass program provides the following benefits to subscribers: 

  1. Exclusive Discounts and CPD Course Pricing: Subscribers will benefit from preferential pricing on ADIA Member presented CPD courses and education events.
  2. Ongoing ADX Exhibitor Deals: Gold Pass holders will have access to special deals and promotions from ADX exhibitors, providing continuous value and opportunities for savings.
  3. Dental Product Roadshows: ADX Gold Pass holders with have exclusive access to dental product roadshows, offering firsthand experience and insights into the latest innovations and products in the dental industry, presented by ADIA Members.

ADIA Member Benefits:

In line with the ADIA strategic goal of providing a platform for members to connect with potential clients, participating in the ADX Gold Pass program comes at no additional cost to members. This initiative presents a unique opportunity for you to promote your CPD and educational offerings directly to a highly engaged and targeted audience. This approach not only benefits the subscribers but also enhances the visibility and reach of our members' offerings, creating a dynamic and mutually beneficial program.

Submit your ADX Gold Pass offers

Expressions of Interest to submit an ADX Gold Pass listing in the ADX Gold Pass Centre are open to ADIA members. This initiative presents a unique opportunity for you to promote your business directly to a highly engaged and targeted audience with exclusive offers to ADX Gold Pass subscribers. We anticipate ADIA members will offer ADX Gold Pass subscribers special incentives such as discounts, preferential access, or other unique benefits, further enriching the value of the pass

How to submit a listing:
Listings can be submitted by ADIA members via the below expression of interest forms at no additional cost. All offers will be subject to adherence to the below terms and conditions to guarantee quality and value to the subscriber. 

Read the terms and conditions for CPD & Education courses 
Read the terms & conditions for Product & Service offers

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