Insights Webinar Series - September 2022

Insights Webinar Series - September 2022

Welcome to ADIA's Insights Webinar Series.

Join us to gain valuable insights for your business.

Lisa-Maree Botticelli, Mindset Coaching & Money Mentoring, Pure Creativity Coaching 

Lisa-Maree Botticelli is a global Mindset Coach, Thought Leader and Founder of Pure Creativity Coaching. She is known for her unique approach and rapid transformational mindset coaching by unlocking high levels of success and wealth within her clients.

Lisa-Maree has coached many leaders from CEOs to small business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, investors, and creatives, with a client base including global leaders and multinational wealth builders. She has been the Mindset Coach for the International Academy of Wealth for the past four years supporting their members to clear money blocks, upgrade their mindset, and increase their income. 

Topic: Cultivating a Growth Mindset: Why It's Needed for Successful Leadership.

Key topics to discuss:

  • How to cultivate a growth mindset
  • Keeping a level head in challenging times
  • Leading with compassion
  • Creating mentally healthy workplaces
Starting:10:00 AM
Tuesday 20th September 2022
Ending:11:00 AM
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