Insights Webinar Series - February 2023

Insights Webinar Series - February 2023

 Welcome to ADIA's Insights Webinar Series.

The Insights Webinar Series covers a range of diverse topics on external environmental factors.

Topic: B2B Sales - Getting higher ROI out of your sales time

In this webinar you’ll learn about:

  • The B2B Sales Hire Scorecard
  • The key founder mindsets that unlock B2B Sales
  • How to set up a sales ecosystem that could support a successful sales hire and sales team
  • The sales management techniques that are achieving 2x to 3x revenue growth in less than 6 months


Peter Solway, Director & Entrepreneurial Sales Strategist, Founder Sales Solution


Peter Solway from Founder Sales Solution solves the challenges of building out a Business 2 Business sales process.

He starts building your B2B Sales Team with getting up to 3x more ROI from your sales time as a founder and your team’s. 

He has multiple examples of 3X revenue in less than 6 months for his clients!

He does this with sales management techniques most SMB’s aren’t across to unlock this significant business growth, while setting the foundations for scale.


  • Raised circa $650K pre seed money for a tech company he co founded
  • Was the Sales Lead in building an enterprise software company from $1K to $1M in revenue, while hitting 135% of revenue targets.
  • Has seen more than 3x the revenue growth with his clients business’s in less than 6 months

To see more about Pete’s background and how it’s lead to the work he does now:  


Contact details:  

To see Pete in action and see how sales hire ready you are:

Starting:10:00 AM
Tuesday 21st February 2023
Ending:11:00 AM
Phone Enquiries:1300 943 094
Email Enquiries:

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