Insights Webinar Series - March 2023

Insights Webinar Series - March 2023

Welcome to ADIA's Insights Webinar Series.

Join us to gain valuable insights for your business.

Speaker: Sebastian Pesenti, Thryv

Topic: 6 Ways to Ramp Up Your Customer Experience

The customer journey for a business begins long before they’ve picked up the phone, or gone to your website. Before they’ve opened that door and interacted with your staff, potential clients have already made a judgement call on your business, and they’ve definitely compared you to your competition.

This session will guide you through the entire Customer Experience journey for your business. It will dive into each touch point your clients will have prior to, during, and after the sale. You’ll discover strategies to help you manage each touchpoint to give the best experience and learn how to leverage technology to make this work easier, more effective, and less time-consuming.

Starting:10:00 AM
Tuesday 21st March 2023
Ending:11:00 AM
Phone Enquiries:1300 943 094
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