Women in Dentistry Forum - July 2023

Women in Dentistry Forum - July 2023

Please join us for the Women in Dentistry Forum held via zoom. 

Marnie LeFevre is the Founder and CEO of Fempire, the #1 female business coaching brand globally. She has a background in marketing and business, having worked for renowned companies like British Telecom and with entrepreneurial heavyweights like Richard Branson. Her diverse experiences across different countries led her to establish successful businesses worldwide, and she later wrote a bestselling book on business for women. Marnie is also a speaker on business and leadership and runs Fempire International, a coaching company that empowers women to succeed in business. Fempire offers a unique coaching certification and curriculum, making the business of business coaching accessible for women.

Topic: Why the Future is Female

Key topics to discuss

  • Why more women need to find the courage to lead - at a micro level.
  • Women make better leaders - the research doesn’t lie
  • The challenges women face with imposter syndrome and leadership
  • Top 5 things women can do to become better leaders

Starting:2:00 PM
Monday 3rd July 2023
Ending:3:00 PM
Phone Enquiries:1300 943 094

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