September 2023: Business Leadership

September 2023: Business Leadership

Welcome to ADIA's Insights Webinar Series.

The Insights Webinar Series covers a range of diverse topics on external environmental factors.

If you're feeling a little 'stuck' or unsure about how your business is tracking, you may need some inspiration!

The September Insights Webinar, featuring business growth expert, Athin Cassiotis could help you find that inspiration and help your business grow.

Athin believes that anyone can achieve business success with a growth mindset and a focus on personal development. This belief comes from his own journey, as someone who left school early but has now achieved extraordinary success, rubbing shoulders with some of the world's most influential people. 

Be inspired to achieve the success you desire! Join us for this uplifting session as Athin shares his personal story with you and offers advice on how you can gain greater fulfilment in both business and in life.

    Athin will discuss:

    • Conscious Leadership
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Leading from the Heart
    • Talent & Culture
    • The Motivation Evolution


    Starting:10:00 AM
    Tuesday 19th September 2023
    Ending:11:00 AM
    Phone Enquiries:1300 943 094
    Email Enquiries:

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