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ADIA CEO Update: New legislation for next financial year

Posted by ADIA on 23 June 2022
ADIA CEO Update: New legislation for next financial year


As the financial year draws to a close, it’s time to prepare for a raft of changes coming into effect from 1 July.

On a national level, there are changes to superannuation, wages, and a range of company fees employers and business owners need to be aware of.


Super guarantee

From 1 July, the super guarantee increases from 10% to 10.5%. To prepare for this, payroll systems need to be updated to incorporate the increase prior to the beginning of the financial year to avoid any underpayment errors.

The super rate will continue to increase incrementally to 12% in 2025. The next increase to 11% is scheduled for 1 July 2023. Read more.

Super eligibility

From the start of 2022-2023, employers will need to pay the super guarantee to all employees, regardless of their earnings. The $450 minimum per month threshold for super guarantee payments is being removed for employees from 1 July.

This does not change the eligibility requirements for staff under 18 years of age. These employees will still need to work 30 hours in one week in order to be eligible for super guarantee payments. Read more.

Minimum and award wage increases

As reported last week, the national minimum wage is set to increase by 5.2% from 1 July. This equates to $40 per week at $21.38 per hour for a full-time employee.

Following the annual wage review, the Fair Work Commission also announced increases to award wages. Those on a minimum award, but earning more than $896.60 per week will receive a 4.6% increase from 1 July. Please note there are some exceptions where the increase will go through in October 2022. These include awards in hospitality, aviation, and tourism. Read more.

Business and company fee increases

In line with the consumer price index, ASIC has announced increases to various fees for registered companies and businesses from 1 July. These include registrations and renewals for business and company names, deregistration of a company name, late fees, and annual review fees. Read more.


Did you know?

July is the peak month for employee turnover each year. Learn how to spot the signs and increase retention with ADIA partner, Business Australia. Supply your ABN and follow the prompts in the article to join Business Australia (free for ADIA members).

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ADIA CEO Update: National growth figures for dental industry now available

Posted by ADIA on 16 June 2022
ADIA CEO Update: National growth figures for dental industry now available

                                                                                      2020-2021 Dental Industry Growth Figures Now Available

In the weeks since the Federal Election, inflation pressure, cost of living, and wages have all stayed at the top of the news cycle. This week, the new Labor Government increased the minimum wage just ahead of the current rate of inflation.

It is with this focus on the cost of living and doing business in a post-COVID-19 economy, that I am pleased to release the latest Australian Dental Industry Intelligence Report.



2020-2021 Australian Dental Industry Intelligence Report Released

Compiled by IBISWorld, the 2020-21 Australian Dental Industry Intelligence Report breaks down metrics for both products and services in the dental industry. It covers the impacts of inflationary pressure, COVID-19 restrictions, and other key performance drivers over the last 12 months.

The 2020-21 edition shows strong rebound growth in the industry since the decline in the first stages of COVID-19, outlined in last year's figures. The attached report shows 7.7% growth in combined products and services supply, along with 1% annualised industry growth to $3.5 billion. Click the button below to read the full report.


Download Report

Have your say at the next TGA meeting

Thank you to those who attended the Tech Forum online last Thursday.

For those who missed it, you can find the summary here.

ADIA has been invited to present at the next RegTech meeting in September. This is your opportunity to provide us with any feedback and to highlight any concerns you wish to have raised with the TGA.

If you would like to provide feedback or have any questions, please make contact by email here. In order to prepare for the presentation, all feedback must be received by Friday 15 July.

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ADIA CEO Update: TGA Working Groups Update

Posted by ADIA on 9 June 2022
ADIA CEO Update: TGA Working Groups Update

As part of our ongoing collaboration with the TGA, various working groups have met over the last several weeks.


Regulatory and Technical Consultative Forum

The RegTech group gathered for the quarterly forum on Thursday last week. Chaired by Department of Health Deputy Secretary, John Skerritt and Co-chaired by First Assistant Secretary, Medical Devices and Product Quality Division, Tracey Duffy, the forum comprises seven associations in the medical device sector. Represented by myself, Joanne Challinor-Rogers, and Clare Martin, ADIA provided feedback to various TGA Department Heads on relevant legislation.

If you would like to attend today's Tech Forum for a full update at 3pm AEST, you can register here.

(RegTech committee members: TGA, ADIA, AMMDA, ATGC, ATSA, AusBiotech, CHP Australia, MTAA and ODMA)

Consultative Committee

ADIA is also a member of the TGA Consultative Committee. Meeting once per quarter, relevant associations consult with the TGA on pertinent issues such as pricing, structure, and advertising.

Dental Sector Working Group

Established in early 2021, the Dental Sector Working Group is made up of seven associations (ADIA, ADA, ADOHTA, ADPA, ASO, DHAA, and DIR). The original consultative process was to develop a new regulatory framework for personalised medical devices. In 2022 the group has been working on the Australian Regulatory Guidelines for Advertising Therapeutic Goods, which move from the 2018 code to the 2021 code at the end of this month.

Where relevant, we include members on items for consultation as part of our work with the TGA. You will have seen this recently when we invited members to participate in the consultative process for cybersecurity for legacy medical devices. If you would like to contribute, the consultation is still open for comment here.

The ongoing relationship with the TGA and other associations in these working groups is an important part of the advocacy work ADIA undertakes on behalf of its members. I would like to thank Joanne Challinor-Rogers and Clare Martin for their ongoing time, expertise, and support of this work.

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ADIA CEO Update: Federal Ministry Announcements

Posted by ADIA on 2 June 2022
ADIA CEO Update: Federal Ministry Announcements

ADIA welcomes new Federal Government

The Albanese Government Ministers have been announced and sworn in. Below is a list of key Ministers in the new Federal Cabinet. There are many familiar names, albeit some with new portfolios. We look forward to continued collaboration with individual MPs and building a great working relationship with the new Cabinet.

Albanese Cabinet Ministry (abrev.)

Prime MinisterThe Hon Anthony Albanese MP
Minister for Defence (Deputy Prime Minister)The Hon Richard Marles MP
Minister for Foreign AffairsThe Hon Penny Wong MP
TreasurerThe Hon Dr Jim Chalmers MP
Minister for Finance, Women, Public ServiceSen the Hon Katy Gallagher
Minister for Indigenous AffairsThe Hon Linda Burney MP
Attorney-General, Cabinet SecretaryThe Hon Mark Dreyfus QC MP
Minister for Health and Aged CareThe Hon Mark Butler MP
Minister for Small BusinessThe Hon Julie Collins MP
Minister for Trade and TourismSen the Hon Don Farrell
Minister for Industry and ScienceThe Hon Ed Husic MP
Minister for Skills and TrainingThe Hon Brendan O'Connor MP
Minister for EducationThe Hon Jason Clare MP
Minister for Climate Change and EnergyThe Hon Chris Bowen MP

Of note outside Cabinet is the Member for Lilley, Anika Wells, named Minister for Aged Care and Sport, along with Senator Malarndirri McCarthy, named Assistant Minister for Indigenous Health.

Along with the new Prime Minister, we have reached out to key Ministers in the Departments of Health, Treasury, and Trade in order to carry on with the advocacy work done under the previous Government as seamlessly as possible. We will continue this collaborative approach on behalf of our members.

To see the Albanese Ministry list in full, click here.


ADIA Advocacy Update


Dental Hygienists Association of Australia Limited

ADIA met with DHAA to advocate the change in scope of practice and the relevance to aged care and the Child Dental Benefits Schedule. The progression of the proposed merger of ADOHTA and DHAA was also discussed.

Australian Dental Association National

ADIA and ADA discussed the FDI Conference to be held in Sydney in September 2023, ADX Brisbane, the next steps for the Australian Dental Research Foundation, and the possible outcomes/benefits from the change of government.

Australian Dental Association Queensland

ADIA and ADAQ met to discuss the ADX Brisbane CPD program. Expert speakers, program structure, and pricing were all on the agenda.

Australian Dental Association Western Australia

ADIA met with the ADA Western Australia branch to discuss attendance at ADX Brisbane, the possibility of an ADIA stand at Singapore's International Dental Exhibition in October, and a survey of ADAWA members on future events in the oral health sector

ADIA would like to congratulate Dr David Hallett on his time with ADAWA and his selfless service to the sector leading into his retirement next month.

Australian Network for the Integration of Oral Health (NIOH)

ADIA outlined future goals for the Australian Dental Research Foundation, as well as ADIA's upcoming strategic planning day. NIOH's initiative to incorporate research through a website to reduce areas of duplication in the oral health sector was also discussed.



If you are interested in the ongoing work of the Reg and Tech committee Technical Forum being held next week, Thursday 9 June, where the outcome of today's TGA meeting will be discussed.

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ADIA CEO Update: Advocacy update

Posted by ADIA on 26 May 2022
ADIA CEO Update: Advocacy update


ADIA welcomes new Federal Government

Following the election over the weekend, ADIA is working towards solidifying relationships with key MPs, both re-elected and new to Parliament. At the time of writing, we are still waiting to see if Labor has achieved a majority Government, or what a minority will look like in terms of key Independents.

The new Cabinet is due to be sworn in next Wednesday. We look forward to gaining an understanding of the portfolio allocation so we can continue advocacy work on behalf of our members.

In the meantime, below is a round-up of recent advocacy efforts from ADIA.

ADIA Advocacy Update

Australian Oral Health Collaboration (AOHC)

The AOHC gathered to discuss the next steps in moving forward with improved access to oral health services in aged care and awareness of the Child Dental Benefits Schedule following the federal election.


Australian Dental and Oral Health Therapists Association (ADOHTA)

ADIA met with ADOHTA to discuss attendance and involvement with ADX Brisbane. ADIA also briefed ADOHTA on current work in aged care, the CDBS, and ADOHTA’s possible involvement with the Australian Oral Health Collaboration.


New Zealand Dental Industry Group (NZDIG)

ADIA met with NZDIG to outline ADX Brisbane and discuss a New Zealand delegation for the event. We are also looking at ways to provide our members with more involvement at NZ events, and the possibility of sharing education resources and relevant data.


Dental Sector Working Group (DSWG)

ADIA and members of the Reg and Tech Committee attended a session to gain a greater understanding of the Australian Regulatory Guidelines for Advertising Therapeutic Goods (ARGATG), which was updated in 2021. This included both restricted representations and compliant comparisons. You can learn more about the current guidelines for applying the advertising code here. Both the 2018 and 2021 codes are in use until June 30 when the transition to the new 2021 code will be finalised.


Australian Dental Association South Australia Branch (ADA SA)

ADIA met with ADA SA to discuss promoting ADX Brisbane to South Australian oral health professionals in the ADA network, along with future projects in South Australia. We hope to see a delegation from the ADA SA office at ADX Brisbane.


Work with the TGA via the Reg and Tech Committee continues also. We will bring you further information on each of these collaborations via the CEO Update.

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